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Perfect Pitch Training

Johnny Moon

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In the past it was thought that perfect pitch was a skill that only musical geniuses like Mozart were born with. It was thought that there is no such thing as perfect pitch training like there is with relative pitch ear training.

This is now known to be incorrect. With the Pure Pitch Method ear training guide & software, perfect pitch can be developed (along with relative pitch. ) It can be learned that each note & key has a certain sound to it that is unique when heard on it's own and not only in relation to other keys & notes.

What Is Perfect Pitch?

It is the ability to recognize notes and keys simply from hearing them (without any reference pitch. ) For example, someone with this ability would be able to name the note someone played on a piano with no reference. Just from hearing a single note played, the listener would know what the note was. Another great example of this incredible skill would be a singer that can sing the note A without any reference point.

How Can Perfect Pitch Improve Singing & Musicianship?

While it will not automatically make you a great singer or musician, it will certainly make it much easier to develop skill as a singer and as a musician. It will make it much easier for you to be able to play a song back just by listening to it. It will make you far more likely to be able to sing on key. It will enable you to know what key to play in.

Relative Pitch

Developing perfect pitch is great but you must also develop relative pitch to have a real understanding of music so you can become a better singer, piano player, guitar player, songwriter, or even just to improve your appreciation of music. Luckily the Pure Pitch Method includes ear training that works to develop both very important skills.

Johnny Moon recommends Pure Pitch Method Perfect Pitch Training to learn both relative pitch and perfect pitch.

Combine with Singorama Singing Lessons to become a truly great singer!


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