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Learn and Master Guitar With Steve Krenz Is it Worth the Money?


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When making a decision of even minor importance, it is always best to consider both the pros and cons of the issue in focus. Otherwise, we might end up taking a wrong step and repent it later on. Irresponsible decision making might lead to unnecessary wastage of time, energy and efforts, in addition to heavy risks. When you consider learning to play the guitar, you need to be equally cautious and wise when selecting your source of knowledge. If you are not interested in a private guitar tutor, but want to stick on to a reasonably good guitar training program, then you must consider all the available options, weight their pros and cons carefully and then make a final decision. Even if your first preference is for a guitar learning program as good as Steve Krenz Learn and Master Guitar, yet you will need to look at it from all possible dimensions to judge its true worth. Even this wonderful program has got its own share of merits and drawbacks.

The pros of this program:

1. Lessons are well-structured and systematically organized, and there is a step by step approach to teaching.

2. One of the most comprehensive guitar learning programs, which is extremely easy to understand and follow. Lessons include a large number of different basic and advanced guitar techniques including - fingering picking, strumming, soloing, ear training, bending, hammer-ons, tremolo-picking, pull-offs, sliding, vibrato, tapping, palm-muting, etc

3. Shipping and delivery is very prompt.

4. There is no “forced learning" involved and the learner can proceed at his own pace.

5. This program uses a multi-sensorial approach of learning using textual, verbal as well as visual formats, which makes guitar playing very easy and natural.

6. This program equips the learner with a strong guitar foundation by teaching basics and music theory, such as recognizing different kinds of notes, chords and scales, reading music sheets and guitar tablature, understanding music theory, addition to a lot of free video guitar licks and songs to practice along with.

The cons of this program:

1. This course is not meant for everyone. You would need to be highly motivated and passionate about guitar learning if you want to be able to derive maximum benefit from this program. If you are not used to doing things on your own, such as watching the lessons attentively and practicing them independently, then you may not be able to cope with this program. Moreover, for people who like to learn only from a private guitar tutor, learning from a virtual trainer might not be easily comprehensible.

2. This program costs around $200 and is far more expensive than other online or virtual guitar learning programs. However, if you consider the cost in terms of private guitar lessons, then this program costs just 1/3rd as much as private lessons.

3. A minor drawback is that all the DVDs, CDs, and printed workbook are available in a physical form. No downloadable software is provided with this program, therefore, learners find the swapping between the numerous DVDs and CDs to be a bit irritating. However, the quality of the professionally produced DVDs and CDs is quite superior and therefore, this drawback is of very little significance.

In fact, most of the pros of the Learn and Master Guitar program, outweigh the cons. Nowhere else will you get such a beautiful combination of music theory plus a large collection of guitar licks and songs for practice. However, you can consider the factors according to your priorities and also consider the amount of money you are ready to invest before you zero in upon a particular guitar training program.

Guitar enthusiast, Jason C Diggs, writes quality, non-biased reviews on the net's top instructional guitar programs. His highest rating goes to Learn and Master Guitar , a highly recognized, extensive DVD guitar course. He also offers over 30 FREE video guitar licks at his site.


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