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Wonderful Tonight Tabs Classic Clapton Song For Beginners


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The “Wonderful Tonight Tabs" here are a great example of a classic song that's easy for beginners to play. There are only four chords in the song; G, D, C and Em. Now, you should be familiar with those chords even if you're a complete beginner, but the trick here is to play them as arpeggios. Here are the four chords, with the picking pattern:


e |-3-|

B |-0-0-0|

G |-0-0-0-|

D |-|

A |-|

E |-3-|


e |-2-|

B |-3-3-3|

G |-2-2-2-|

D |-0-|

A |-|

E |-|


e |-0-|

B |-1-1-1|

G |-0-0-0-|

D |-|

A |-3-|

E |-|


e |-0-|

B |-0-0-0|

G |-0-0-0-|

D |-|

A |-|

E |-0-|

Practice that pattern a few times without changing the chord, just so you get your right hand “in the zone". You can use a pick, but this is a nice easy introduction to finger-picking, too.

So now you know the chords, it's just a matter of learning the sequence for the song, which is like this:


G - - - D - - - C - - - G - - - (x 2)

It's late in the evening. . .


C - - - D - - - G - - - Em- - - C - - - D - - - G - - -

And then she asks me. . .

Middle part:

C - - - D - - - G - - - Em- - - C - - - D - - - C - - - D - - - G - - -

. . wonderful because I see. . .

If you want to play the little “fill" that appears a few times, it goes like this:

e |-7-5-3-5-gap-7-5-3-0-gap-7-5-3-5-7-8-12-10

So that's it - as you can see, it's a nice easy song, but it sounds good when you play it. Now, once you've learnt your “Wonderful Tonight Tabs", you want to play a few more songs, so go and find some more tabs! But don't stop there - you can only go so far playing simple guitar tabs.

You really should look into some proper tuition, and there are some superb Online Guitar Courses available these days, which represent superb value for money when compared with private tuition. They're probably cheaper than all the books and DVDs you could end up buying, too!

If you want to improve your guitar technique, and are serious about your playing, you owe it to yourself to look at these Guitar Courses now!

Good Luck! Zander Boon


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