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Piano A Big Decision Grand Piano, Upright, Or Digital Keyboard?


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You're ready to tackle the challenge or learning how to play the piano, but first you have to tackle the challenge of choosing one. Sometimes the answer depends completely on how much space you have left in your living room, but other times the decision might be more complicated than that. Check out these three different types of pianos and evaluate which will fit with your goals, budget, and space.

Grand Piano
A grand piano is a beautiful, large, and very expensive musical instrument. They generally come in three different sizes-small, medium, and large. A baby grand, or small, is the most common choice for a household, but it will still take up a big chunk of space. Large grand pianos are what you see at concerts and in churches. Unless you have a lot of empty space, they aren't practical for home use. They also come in a variety of finishes, from oak to lacquered white.

Sound quality will vary among piano types as well. Your chosen musical technique will help decide which piano is the most suitable. Grand pianos have horizontal strings and the hammer hits them from below. This makes them ideal for faster playing. Their long, stretched strings create more pleasing tones than upright pianos.

Upright Pianos
Vertical pianos are more economical for small spaces. They can fit in most homes easily and often come in a variety of finishes like the grand piano. Unlike the grand, the strings are vertical and the hammer hits them at the side, making them less harmonious than the gravity-controlled horizontal strings. They are better suited for slower piano techniques, but still can produce amazing sound when well-cared for.

Digital Keyboards
If you have minimal room and you are looking for something portable and inexpensive, then a digital keyboard is your best option. In terms of affordability and convenience, they can't be beaten. They are excellent for beginners or weary parents who aren't sure if their children will stick with the hobby.

If you want to learn how to play the classics and get to a professional level, a digital will keep you from reaching your goals. They lack the resonance found in string instruments. New technology has greatly improved their sound, and they are even able to do many things that traditional pianos cannot, but they are definitely not for a purist.

When choosing an instrument, it is important to discuss with the salesman about your piano techniques, ultimate goals, budget, and space issues. If you dream of composing your own music and you want to make a commitment, it might be better to move the furniture around and splurge on a grand, than sell yourself short with an upright or digital. If your ten-year-old son suddenly decides he wants to become a concert pianist, go for the digital and wait on the baby grand. There are also rental options available at many piano dealers if you're unsure of which will work best for you.

Take your time to decide the type of piano that you will purchase for your child. After all it's the future of your child.

Buying the right type of piano is as important as learning a piano. Piano stores in Louisiana offer different piano products as per your requirements. You can contact the professional teachers and experts at who will help you buy the right piano.


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