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Gas Prices Effecting Summer Touring For Musicians and Bands

Giano Beninate

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I got an email the other day about a band that was considering not going on the annual summer tour because of the current gas prices. Wow, what a daunting decision. For bands, this is the only practical way to promote and sell CD's at live performances.

Being a music industry consultant and I do extend my suggestions to those who are struggling the biz, I had to mail them back and give them the following thoughts; go for the endorsement deal. This is a music marketing technique I have been teaching for over 7 years.

More advertising monies are being spent on super niche points of distribution. There are many small companies that are willing to attach themselves to artists and bands to effect a direct demo.

In this case, the band is a Rockabilly band. I had them do some cost analysis on how much in “travel support" (gas and maintenance) they needed in order to do their summer tour. This came out to roughly $1400.00. Piece of cake. . . . . .

I had them go to clothing and accessories stores that had the Rockabilly vibe and offer 2 forms of promo for a cost. If goes something like this:

  • In all the CD's that they sell, a support business card to the sponsors website was included inside that offered a percentage off of merchandise bought with a special code.

  • A 10’ x 4’ stage banner placed at all the events.

    At first, I thought it might take a few stores to get it and drop cash but to my surprise a single store dropped the whole cost and even gave the band some clothing! Without a doubt this is a successful way to cover travel costs and then some.

    But the key to this is showing the true value to the sponsor. In the past it was only the on stage presence of a band playing while perhaps wearing shirts with logos or small trinkets. But now with almost every retail sponsor having an internet presence, you can drive potential customers to the site for product purchase. THAT'S THE KEY HERE!

    The great thing about this kind of business strategy for the music business is that it's not recoupable to the band. It is considered a promotional campaign by the product provider and therefore an advertising investment that gets written of at the end of the year.

    The future of music marketing is actually looking real good. Many new ways to bring money into the loop for artists as well as even gaining a single “presents package" that can finance an artist/band all year long - It's called The Endorsement Deal.

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