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Learn Guitar 5 Easy Rock Songs For Guitar Beginners


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Some of your most favorite guitar songs are much simpler than you can ever believe. You can start playing some of the popular songs right now if you spend a couple of days learning the basics of the guitar! It's not as hard as you think; but of course - there are also tough songs to learn. Just be patient and start with these beginner songs before you think about doing the tricky famous guitar solos

When you play these songs, you definitely want to make sure that you go to a search engine such as Google, MSN,, or Yahoo, and type in “Artist name Guitar Tabs". If you do not know how to read guitar tabs then you should definitely research that as well. Guitar tabs are excellent for beginners; but you will have to learn some things before you start reading those.

Oasis - Wonderwall
Wonder wall is a great song that is simple even for beginners. Even though it is simple it is also extremely appealing and a song with great meaning that made the hot hot top 100 when it made it's debut in the Autumn of 1995. They even made the top 10 in the U. S - this song and the rest can be played with a simple acoustic guitar.

Look up: Wonderwall Guitar Tabs - to find great guitar tabs on this song!

Chili Peppers - Californication
Californication is a great song that's known for it's unique video and it's creative lyricism. It's a great song that used to be popular that many people may recognize as it was released in 1999. It reached billboards in U. S and UK charts as well!

It's a great song for beginners that you can start playing today as soon as you learn “How to read Guitar Tabs", and how to know the basics of the guitar!

Coldplay - God Put a Smile Upon My Face
"God give Me Style, He Give Me Grace, God Put a Smile Upon my Face" - This song is classic for Coldplay fans. This song was so popular that even rapper 50 Cent had to use those same lyrics in his song! It's the fourth single from “A Rush of Blood to the Head" which was introduced in 2002.

Nirvana - Come as You Are
This the awesome song written by Kurt Cobaine and became the second best single - only be behind “Smells like Teenage Spirit. Uses a simple guitar strum, that is really “gritty sounding", yet appealing. It's great song for you to try out if you are listening to!

Neil Young - Heart of Gold
This was Neil Young's most popular song, and even made the Rolling stone top 500 list. It's a great song when he was recovering from a bad back injury. It's a great song with a harmonica sound and deep meaning. It's a very simple song that was definitely popular and accessible for many beginners to play!

If you go to Imeem, and type all of these songs in, you should be able to stream them and listen to the songs yourself!

Who wants to Learn to Play Guitar Step-By-Step with songs like: Pink Floyd, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles? Learn how to play the guitar , hold a guitar correctly, how to perfectly tune your guitar, play every chord with ease, and develop habits that will make you play any song. Visit - for a Step-By-Step Tutorial on how you can play any song you want!


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Learn to Play Songs on the Guitar - A Simple Guide
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