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How to Learn Blues Guitar Scales


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Have you ever thought about the importance of blues scales in guitar? To be honest, many of your favorite lead guitarists, popular bands, and even best guitarists period use Blue scales.

They can take some time to learn, but once you master them to the fullest extent - there will be no reason why you can not take over a song with an incredible solo by using Blues guitar scales!

This may surprise you, but they are commonly used in many songs including Aerosmith, John Mayer, Coldplay, Nirvana, and many other popular bands. If you name the band - they probably use it; especially if they are a popular.

They are popular simply because they are easy to access, they are easy to use and implement in a song, and they have a widescale appeal - people think you are an absolutely genious when you use this type of scale to play your songs!

So What is it Exactly?
Blue scales depends the use of a musical scale that has six notes/pitches per octave. It's a pretty active playing style but nothing you can't get used to!

It is also based on each key or string, It is not based on the chord - this simply would not be blue scale guitar playing. It has been used by musicians for decades so that they can improvise. When you see those awesome improvisations - they're really just using blues scale.

Also, you have to be sure to memorize your finger pattern so that you will be able to do your hot solos or “improvisations".

You want to make sure that you learn your individual strings and fretboard so that you will ultimately learn how to play Blue scales on your guitar and become a great lead guitarist!

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Learn to Play Blues Guitar
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