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Walk Down the Rock N Roll Memory Lane


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Many greats have come and gone, some stood there like candle in the wind, some were learning to fly, and some became brothers in arms while some disappeared into the crumbling pages of Rock and roll history. But the truth is that Rock ‘n’ Roll is still as much alive as it was when Beatles and Elvis Presley made it a cult, a religion in itself.

Quite simply said, Rock ‘n’ Roll is not just a riot because of the thrashing of the guitar, the undulated and hoarse strings churning out emotional melodies, Bass rocking to the beats of the drums; it is more than just this - it is one large social awareness campaign. In fact, no other form of music has had as strong an impact as Rock ‘n’ Roll on society. From fashion to hairstyles and from sex to anti-war campaigns, Rock ‘n’ Roll has been in the thick of things.

A genre of music that has the most ardent admirers and fans evolved around the latter half of 1940s as well as the early part of 1950s. In fact, Rock ‘n’ Roll is a composite mixture of various popular genres of music of that period and this includes blues, gospel, folk music, and various electric forms that were being experimented with in Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, California, and Texas. As a result of this, there is a depth in Rock ‘n’ Roll music that can't be seen or found in any other genre of music even today.

When you mix Rock ‘n’ Roll with guitars, screaming fans and social ideologies then it forms an intoxicating blend of superlative form of art and expression. This is the exact reason why it has had a deeper social impact and to a great degree has influenced attitude, fashion, events in daily life and even language. Although the Rockabilly lifestyle was high on sex and drugs, fashion crept in to bring the leather-clad and to an extent sexist image of the early rockers. The most prominent fashion was the hippie fashion, which caught on like wild fire in the 1960's and was at the heart of Woodstock.

Following closely on the hippie fashion was the Teddy boys and Teddy girls in the UK. The Teddy boys wore obtrusive clothing that included long drape jackets with dark shades and velvet trim collars and wide pocket flaps and not to mention the attention catching bright colour socks. The Teddy girls had a similar style as the boys with the addition of espadrilles, cameo brooches, and coolie hats.

The fashion of the 60's and 70's has been long forgotten even today, although it has been segregated into several genres, the Rock ‘n’ Roll scene is very much alive and it still has a kick-ass impact on society!

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