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The Easiest Blues Guitar Scales to Learn

Zack Roberts

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Have you been trying to figure out blues guitar scales but can't quite grasp it yet?

Don't worry, I'm here to help you with that. Most guitar solos you've ever heard played were more than likely in the blues scale or a variant of one.

Let me show you what the most common and easiest blues guitar scales are.

On the sixth string, which is the LOW ‘E’ string and is the thickest string on the guitar, we're going to play fret number 3 and then fret number 6.

These are the first two notes of the blues guitar scale. The next 2 notes are on the next string down, the ‘A’ string. Play frets number 3 and then 5. The next string is the ‘D’. Play frets number 3, 5 and then 6. On the next (final) two strings, the two highest and thinnest strings. . . we're going to play frets number 3 and then 6.

We do this on both strings (NOT at the same time). 3rd then 6th on the second to last string, then 3rd and 6 thon the highest string. This is the most common blues scale for the guitar. Since we started on the third fret of the low ‘E’ string which is a ‘G', this is the Blues Guitar Scale in the key of ‘G’.

You would practice improvising on this scale over a song that is in the key of ‘G’. Obviously, it's best if it were a blues song, but rock n’ roll uses the same scale too! Start out by messing around with it first. You play this scale like you would any other scale on the guitar, you play it up and then down (backwards). Just going up and down this awesome scale it sounds like your taking a solo!

You can start to feel what combinations would make for nice riffs and musical phrases. This will be your first step into the journey of blues guitar scales and lead guitar playing, I wish you the best of success!

Zack Roberts is the founder of 50 Blues. He is a professional full time musician and guitar instructor, specializing in classic blues and rock music.

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