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Best Online Piano Course - 3 Courses Reviewed - From Worst To Best Online Piano Course


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So you're looking for the best online piano course for your money right? I think this article should easily cover it. . .

As a beginner pianist and after spending hours researching this very same decision myself only 4 months back, I was inspired to write this article and publish it online to help people just like you to also uncover the best online piano course. . .

. .because there is nothing worse than picking the wrong product and frustrating yourself with an even steeper learning curve, right?

So I actually ended up buying several courses. I admit I asked for a refund on some of them because I simply didn't need all these online piano courses on my PC, but this allowed me to see into each piano course in depth and come to a balanced conclusion on the best course.

So, in ascending order, please enjoy my review of the best online piano course money can buy. . .

Piano Coach Pro Review

This is a relatively new course (only a few months old) and their claims of being able to teach you to play piano without reading music are admittedly appealing to us newcomers to the world of piano playing.

However, the sad truth is that these claims are not exactly fulfilled.

Piano Coach Pro is a spin-off of Instrument Master Pro, developed by created Jamie Lewis who, for some reason is hiding under a pen name of “Jay Dynasty". Jamie Lewis was associated with the terrible music learning sites, Instrument Master Pro and Music Master Pro. Before he gets mad at me for saying this, this course is OK, but certainly not exactly a beginners dream for learning piano.


Here a some of the features of Paino Coach Pro:

200 lessons,

18 Video lessons,

20 audio lessons,

Exclusive Jam tracks,




. . and step by step instructions for all stages.

In addition to the exclusive system, you will be given 1000 scales and arpeggios

What you'll find, after you've wasted your money, is that Piano Coach Pro provides on lame 30 minutes lesson, accompanied by a very brief written guide. Not exactly the ultimate learning resource :-(

What is also worrying, is that they promise regular updates. It's been over 2 months since I bought this an NO updates have been mentioned or scheduled. Very poor I think.

Another thing which shocked me was the quality of the videos. Seriously, it looks like something you would see on YouTube. The videos are not only too small, but the sound quality is pretty poor and the videos are thrown together in the member's area in a way that makes no ligical sense. With no order, it becomes very difficult to know what to do next and ultimately, makes learning piano alot harder than it should be.

The actual video lessons touch on various topics including: common chords, ear training, major arpeggios, and some aspects of rhythm.

Piano Coach Pro currently contains the following:

1. 10 short Piano Instructional Videos (in Quicktime video format)

2. 1 guide on Music Theory

3. 4 piano scales and chord diagrams

One redeeming quality is the bonus access to other courses such as guitar and violin (lso owned by Jamie). However, although I play guitar and found this a bonus, most people learning to play piano will not have any desire to learn another instrument too so this may not be all that beneficial to most people. You also get access to an add on service to the play along portion of the program, called which is also owned by Jamie Lewis.


30-day guarantee, which is pretty standard. But when you don't get a reasonably quick response to a simple question you might have, then it makes you start thinking about whether you might want to send it back before your 30 days are up. Not good folks.


Everything went smoothly here. Simple as 1-2-3 to set up. You will need Quicktime media player to view the videos however.


Piano Coach Pro just doesn't have the quality we have come to expect from online piano courses these days. The poor quality is a big turn off, and the fact that all of these negatives result in a difficult learning experience, this is not going to help you all that much.

Moving on, next we have. . .

Piano by Pattern Review

Albert Egde, the creator of Piano by Pattern has done a sterling job here. What I liked about this online piano course is that he teaches you to learn by ear. This is a very useful skill, particularly if you don't like reading music.

Although this is a more appealing course for beginners, one thing I must point out is that it leaves little room for growth to the intermediate stages.

I know that might not be your concern right now, but I can assure you that once you've quickly picked up the basics, it would be nice to have in front of you, at easy arm's reach, a logical progression to a more challenging step up to intermediate level.

After all, why pay for seperate courses again and again?

Sadly, this program tends to focus on the bare minimum of beginner piano. This is great, but for some reason I just feel that it kinda cuts you off short the minute you're getting into the flow.


Piano by Pattern comes with the following course material:

1. 9 main Video Lessons

2. 4 additional Training Video Lessons

3. Free Video Bonus: Secrets to Explosive Songwriting

4. Free eBook Bonus: Read Music Now

This is by far a more substantial course, packing in 14 videos for you to learn from. The videos are available for you to download to your computer for your own convenience which makes this course so much more appealing. The videos are also very clear, which means you can easily see the chords and scales being taught to you.

However, one thing I noticed is that the first video seems to have some background noise and worse still, the audio goes out of time with the main video after a while. Although this made me immediately concerned, I can safely say this was a one off glitch that doesn't happen on the remaining videos. Still, not great.

The extra bonuses are ok, but nothing that will enhance your ability to learn piano quickly or easily by any means.


Piano by Pattern has email support much like every other online training course. They do respond in a matter of days, but nothing particularly good OR bad to report here.

Ease of Use

Albert Edge is a good teacher, and the videos are very clear. Accessing the videos is again, very easy. NO technical mastery required here.


Videos and documentation work with either PC or Mac.


Piano by Pattern guarantees their product with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Slightly better than our first program above, which gives you a more relaxed feel about it all, with less pressure to see if it will work out for you.


A very cheap and cheerful online piano course, but certainly not extensive enough to cater for all beginner's needs. You will likely be left wanting to learn more before too long, and I seriously don't see the point in reinvesting in another program to do so.

And finally, the winner is. . .

Rocket Piano. Setting a new standard in online piano tuition software, this deserves the top spot! As this article is getting long enough, I have dedicated a full review to the winner on my review website.

Click here to read my FULL review of Piano Rocket Software

Make sure you get the full scoop, as it's important to understand WHY I have chosen this as the best online piano course above the rest.

Make sure you don;t miss out on the full review of the #1 best online piano course at . See what we really think of it, and more importantly, WHY you might or might not be right for this course at


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