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3 Tips To Help You Learn to Play Piano At Home Easily


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So you want to learn to play piano at home? Get ready for some stinging stumbles and intense stress along the way.

Just kidding! Don't be turned off by that. There are a lot of resources and tips that help you learn to play piano at home. And I'll be spilling down some of the tips that helped me greatly in this endeavor.

These tips are really easy to remember. Let's name it H. O. P. and you'll see later why. But before that here are some more guidelines that would help:

Keep a piano nearby. You need to have access to this because. . . that's what you're practicing to play! Pretty logical, isn't it?

Surround yourself with supportive people. No matter what your endeavor is, there will be hard times along the road. You need people who can cheer you up and give you a pat on the back during these times.

Now let's get to the learn-to-play-piano-at-home tips. . .

"H" For Have Fun

There's no point in doing something that you don't enjoy. Your reason for learning to play piano could be to please your family or look sophisticated before your friends. But if you're not having fun, you'll burn out and stop.

Have fun playing those ivories!

"O" For Optimistic

A very outgoing friend of mine once told me: “Whether you think you can or you can't. . . you're right!"

He's right! If you surround yourselves with negative thoughts while trying to learn to play piano at home, you'll stumble and fall more times than you'll care to count. Keep a positive outlook no matter what. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A word of warning: Don't go overboard and aim to be a Mozart in 2 weeks. These maestros practiced for years. You'll be setting yourself for a huge disappointment if you go for an unrealistic aim like the one I mentioned.

"P" For Practice

Just like any attempt in life, may it be playing the piano, passing an exam, or whatever, you need daily practice. Setting 20-30 minutes to learn to play piano at home is a lot better than setting an hour every week.

Be consistent!

There it goes. . . the H. O. P. All you need now is have the lessons available. You could hire an instructor, buy lessons on DVD, or you can learn to play piano at home with a good online course.

Think about which suits you best.

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