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Guitar Practice Tips


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Ever wondered why your not as good on the guitar as you should be?

Well join the club, there are millions of potentially great guitarists out there who feel exactly the same way.

I am here to share with you some ideas to hopefully help you analyze and figure out why exactly your not as good as you know you can be. After playing guitar for the last 17 years i have seen students with such a burning desire to be able to play the way they have always dreamed of but cant quite figure out how to overcome their obstacles and move on to higher level of proficiency.

Reason number 1

Lack of correct information. Learning the guitar is a highly specialized instrument requiring correct knowledge of learning to play. This means that you should be learning the actual mechanics of playing, knowing what to play, and how to actually play it.

Reason number 2

Not practicing correctly. this is a big one. Many players are simply impatient, it takes time to make the delicate movements the instrument requires to be able to play well. Practicing too fast too quickly will always hold you back, practice with a metronome, if you don't have one. buy one, you will be glad you did.

Reason number 3

Not being aware of the sensations in your body. you must constantly be aware of how your body feels with each movement. tension in your fingers, arms, shoulders and abdomen will hinder your progress. play slowly (and i mean slow) release all tension in these areas. playing well shouldn't be an effort, it should feel light and easy.

Reason number 4

Not practicing enough or not practicing consistently.

pretty obvious this one, if you practice for 8 hours straight then don't pick up the guitar for the week, you will never get anywhere. its better to play half an hour of intense highly concentrated practice once a day than playing sloppily for 8 hours once a week.

Reason number 5

Not understanding music theory.

music theory is the language of music, it allows you to improvise and express yourself, and its not as hard or as confusing as you might think. once you understand how music works you will understand the guitar a lot better.

Reason number 6

Not knowing all the notes.

again this one is obvious, you should make an effort to learn every note on the guitar fretboard without hesitation, doing this will allow you to “see" the guitar fretboard, you will also have a good head start to being able to read music notation (not that nasty tablature stuff)

Reason number 7

You learn guitar from someone who doesn't know how to teach or from a teacher that doesn't really care.

finding a guitar teacher is easy, finding a teacher who can teach, help you learn and genuinely cares about your progress is a bit harder.

to help you find a good teacher try and find a professional music institute, or if that's too expensive ask in your local music shop, or talk to other guitarists. if your not making progress on the guitar, chances are you don't have a very good teacher.


Playing the guitar is my passion. I know that it can be frustrating, difficult and sometimes you feel like you are going nowhere, but with the right information, desire and attitude you WILL make progress. if your not making progress reevaluate how your practicing, analyze where you are going wrong. but most of all never ever give up.

If your interested in top quality guitar instruction, based on personal experience please take a look at the site below, there you will find some amazing instruction from dedicated teachers who want you to succeed. these instructors are ranked highly from around the world and have had 1000's of students become successful guitarists.

Enjoy and best of luck to you.


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How To Play Anything On Guitar Using A 3 Step Practice Approach
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