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Pitch Speaking And The Speaking Fundamental You Better Not Forget


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One of the fundamentals of good speaking for men and women is modulation, variety in pitch, power, and pace. These qualities of good speaking are the same in good music. A great melody flowers with these qualities. First, it is not boring and holds your attention, second it flows like the waving arms of an orchestra conductor, who may get a considerable amount of attention from the audience as he outlines the melody with his arms, baton and absorbed interpretation. I use the comparison of melodic music to describe to my voice students, and anyone interested in a superior voice quality, the strengths and virtues of pitch speaking.

By practicing pitch speaking the three components already mentioned can be easily practiced, explained, and understood. A pleasant voice tone that speaks softly or loud, goes fast or slow when appropriate, and displays a variety of pitches, makes for a sure winner. Well almost!

The mysterious trait that will complete our goal is a voice that conveys warmth and feeling to the listener, if you can go to the supreme level of conveying this, you have it made! I was always happily perplexed as to why my grown son had such a good rapport with his clients, who have to pay large amounts of money to have some remolding done. I was impressed by the way he said hello, when on the receiving end of a phone call.

The cadence of the pitch of his voice would go up, not down, which conveys anticipation of something good, not the sound that is conveyed when some one has a down word cadence which conveys being bothered! He was displaying this trait of warmth and feeling, which to some people comes naturally, the majority of us may have to develop it. This manner of speaking, namely the one with warmth and feeling should be incorporated in all our conversations, it gives the sentiment to your listener that he or she is liked and respected. People will like you and be attracted to you, we might even call it charisma! It's like salt, it enhances the flavor of food making everything taste better. Of course you can eat without it, but how much better it is with just the right amount!

Therefore, practice pitch speaking for a better singing and speaking voice, but do not forget the salt! If your have a great voice, but you don't have warmth and feeling, or as we said the salt, you will lack something very important, I would liken it to being a king without a crown. So practice the inflections and tonalities of your voice to reflect warmth, feeling. Your audience will like you, as your voice projects that you like them!

My name is Albert F. Sotelo I am a voice teacher and a member of NMTA, a teacher's association in the USA. I have an on-line music store where we offer along with musical instruments, music educational materials and free advice.

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