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When You Teach Yourself Guitar - You Must Practice


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Ah, there's that dreaded word. . . practice. When you teach yourself guitar, or ANY instrument for that matter, it's so important that you practice daily. Now when I say daily, don't let this put you off. It's easily achievable.

Contrary to popular believe, you don't need to spend hours and hours every day on the guitar to get great at it. In fact, here's what I believe to be the ‘optimum’ time to practice the guitar on a daily basis.

1 hour.

That's it. Just 1 hour will do the job. The reason I chose 1 hour is because it's just enough time to go through all you need to . . . and it's just the right amount so that your head doesn't explode because of it. Both are important in different ways.

Firstly, if you go through sixty minutes of productive (and I mean *productive*) practicing, you will actually have done through quite a bit of work. You may have gone through some scales, a couple of songs and maybe even a couple of new things you'd like to experiment too.

Remember, ‘playing around’ on the guitar is equally as important on your guitar learning journey as it is going through the daily rituals of practicing.

Secondly, doing more than an hour of any kind of learning will most likely result in you forgetting what you had learnt in the day. Some call it information overload. . .in fact, I can't think of a better phrase right now.

Now the only time that you may go over an hour is if you're simply improvising (ie. just experimenting) on the guitar. This is often a fun task and takes you into another world. In this case, the clock should stop and you should carry on having fun.

But note that the hour IS up. You are just playing around now.


Shamz is a passionate guitar player who give advice on his personal website Go here teach yourself guitar to find out more!


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How to Organize Your Guitar Practice
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