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Yes, it really is possible to go bananas with your music! Take my word for it, because I’ve helped many musicians do so in the past and here’s your chance to do it to. One of the most important ways to sky rocket your sales, increase your fan base and music career is to start your online newsletter that keeps people updated about what’s going on in the life of an artist, which is you.

I’m quite pleased to say that the online newsletters are one of the most important mediums through which you can keep in touch with everyone, and of course, is the cheapest and cost-effective way of doing so.

There are so many newsletter providers online that can help you for free or for a small fee. The one I recommend is Constant Contact, because it lets you send unlimited emails free to up to 50 members, and then you pay a fee when it increased in number.

It’s also important to define what the newsletter will convey to your fans. Will it be about you as an artist? Will it be based around your band? Will you mention other acts or items in there? Also define its frequency. How often will you send it out? Every week? Every fortnight? Every month? It doesn’t matter what you choose, but ensuring you stick to it is important, as people tend to look out for it if they enjoy it! And they will enjoy it!

Also think about the content when planning. How much will you put in it? Will you use images, and if so, what kind? Will you store past issues in a way that people can access it? Will you feature advertisements?

The main thing for me to convey here is to keep it realistic, simple and write in a tone that is friendly and understandable. Its important to ask for feedback now and again, and perhaps feature comments from your fans now again. Give your articles some kick too!

Instead of your regular two eyes! Get four! Once you’ve written it, get someone to proofread it so that it’s to a good level. Better to have people know that you’ve put effort, and not just doing it because you have to.

Getting a newsletter done is a real simple job! Really 

If you can’t do it, or haven’t got the time, get your manager to do it. Or someone else at least, but do it! It’s really important and it builds relationships and trust with your audience.

The next important thing then is to actually have people to send your online newsletters too. Start small, and grow organically – that’s my secret! Add all your family and friends onto your newsletter list. Then wherever you go, whomever you see, wherever you perform, have a mailing list form/chart that people can fill it out should they wish to so that they can keep up to date with your work. Don’t force it, but let it flow out of you.

If you want some more help in really getting your newsletter to catching and sales quality so that you are making some passive revenue this way, get in touch with us to see how you can better your newsletter.

© Kavit Haria, The Musicians’ Coach

Kavit Haria is The Musicians’ Coach. Kavit is the director of InnerRhythm, a company that prides on providing success solutions for musicians worldwide. Kavit sends out a musician development newsletter to over 2000 musicians in 16 countries every fortnight to help them achieve their desired results. Sign up now and experience the huge benefits from www.innerrhythm.org


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