Helping Your Piano Student Save Time by Getting Organized

Cynthia VanLandingham

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Help your child in piano lessons learn to be organized and they will learn a whole lot more. If your child can’t seem to get from A to B without wandering through everything else in the alphabet first, they’re going to have difficulty accomplishing their goals. I’m not trying to say that all learning is linear, that would be false and simplistic. Achieving our dreams, however, demands specific attention to the goals that will bring them to life. Otherwise we might as well be rubbing a lamp and waiting for a genie to appear and grant our three wishes. You child would have better luck winning the lottery! so don't put off helping your child learn how to go about managing their time.

The first step in getting your child organized is to explain that their is a difference between a dream and a wish. A dream is something that we plan and work toward until we accomplish it in the future. A wish is a fantasy that doesn’t happen in real life. Sure it's fun to imagine a wish when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake. but no matter how many birthday candles we blow out, simply wishing won't make our dreams come true. There is no genie to grant our wishes, but we do have the power to bring our dreams to life by being good stewards of our time and talent.

Reading stories to your child about how musicians and other people in history have achieved their dreams is a great way to help your child explore their own potential. You can also encourage your child to interview members of your community who have developed musical skill or particular expertise in another area to find out how they went about accumulating the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their goals.

Then help your child set piano goals and determine what good habits they will need to achieve these goals. Good habits are the key to staying organized. Keeping a piano journal is the best way for your child to stay organized toward achieving their piano dreams. Get your child a piano journal and help them write down their goals for the year, their goals for each month, and their goals for this week. For each specific goal help your child identify corresponding good habits that will help them best accomplish them. As your child achieves their goals light a candle for them to blow out! Tell them to think of their piano dreams while they are blowing it out and how it is coming to life.

Children will waste more time when they don’t know what they are trying to accomplish. The best way for your child in piano lessons to stay organized and use their time wisely is by having a great plan to guide them that they have worked on and invested themselves in.

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