Help Young Piano Students Develop Good Playing Habits the Easy Way

Cynthia VanLandingham

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Posture is so important to developing good piano technique that without it students may never learn to play the piano with ease. Stories that use analogies are a great way to get through to children without hurting their feelings.

Here are five simple analogies to help your child sit correctly at the piano and play with more flexibility and ease.

1. Imagine while you are sitting on the piano bench that you can stretch your neck and the top of your head up to the ceiling like a giraffe’s.

2. Imagine that your arms are angel’s wings and swing them out from your sides until your elbows are pointing horizontally.

3. Rounding your hands and imagine that your fingers are spider’s legs and walk your fingers on the keys as you play.

4. Sit back on the piano bench and imagine that you are in charge of the piano.

5. Sit back on the piano bench and reach your arms out to the piano so your elbows are in front of your tummy. Imagine that you are glued to the seat and cannot scoot forward.

Always use the word imagine when you are instructing your child to sit properly at the piano. This works because it will help your child develop a secure mind-body connection that's essential to playing with ease and comfort, so that playing the piano feels natural to students. Using the word “imagination” encourages children to use and develop this important creative skill needed for piano and other performing arts.

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