How Fast Should My Child in Piano Progress?

Cynthia VanLandingham

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Parents wonder, “How fast should my child in piano progress?" because they want to be sure they’re doing everything they should to support their child in piano. Sometimes parents are concerned their children aren't practicing enough at home, and assume their student must not be making much progress. It can take some time, however, for children to learn how to apply themselves to their lessons. Learning to practice is part of the learning process that will take time to achieve. If your child in piano isn’t practicing as much as you would like, try not to come to a hasty judgment about their musical potential.

As the parent you really can’t control your child’s musical progress. This is especially true when kids approach their teen years. As one family therapist explains, “Trying to control your teenager is a bad idea – you might as well be trying to put pants on a gorilla!”

My suggestion is to give your child ownership of their piano lessons early on, so they can learn from their mistakes and successes through a process of trial and error. In the long run your child will learn more by relying on their natural energy and motivation, which comes from personal ownership and responsibility. Trying to control your child’s musical progress too much can actually keep them from learning how to go about taking responsibility for their own success.

So try not to worry if your child in piano is slow to practice. Give him or her some time to develop their own motivation and you’ll be able to delight in their independent spirit. I can guarantee this is a lot more fun than putting pants on a gorilla!

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