Make the Keyboard Connection and Play with Beauty & Imagination

Cynthia VanLandingham

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Playing with awareness and sensitivity are key to making beautiful music on the piano. Pianists who know how to connect to the sound vibrations as they play understand what is often jokingly referred to as “becoming one with your instrument. " But don’t laugh! This is a great way to enhance learning, memory, concentration, and most importantly playing enjoyment.

From birth our sense of touch is our most important means of learning. As babies grow their senses develop to include balance, visual and spatial awareness, and finally the concept of time. In the Arts all of these elements are brought together to imitate, confirm, and convey human experience. To play piano more artistically, allow yourself to be vulnerable to the vibrations of each key as it is played. This just makes sense, because it increases sensory input to the brain.

The more completely we are occupied in the moment as we are playing, the less possibility there is for distraction. Learning improves as memory and concentration improve. To get in touch with yourself – and connect to the piano – learn to relax!! In this way you’ll be able to feel the very subtle vibrations of the piano as you are playing, and respond to the music in a way that is genuine and unique for you. So go ahead. Develop your own style and Feel the Good Vibrations!

For great home piano activities parents can use to help children ages 5 to 11 develop their musical talent, visit Piano Adventure Bears Music Education Resources You’ll find a treasure box filled with piano resources to create an exciting musical adventure for your child - right in your own home! Visit their website and subscribe to their f’ree internet newsletter so you can download f’ree piano sheet music and mp3s of original piano compositions.

These exciting stories, games, piano lessons, and inspirational gifts feature the Piano Adventure Bears, Mrs. Treble Beary and her new piano student, Albeart Littlebud. Young students follow along with Albeart to learn what piano lessons are all about in a fun way that kids readily understand appreciate. Click here to visit For a wealth of information about piano lessons, visit


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