Nurture Musical Talent as You Would Care for a New Garden

Cynthia VanLandingham

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The modern world of high speed internet, microwave ovens, fast cars, and Television creates expectations of instant results that are neither realistic nor sustainable when it comes to learning a difficult instrument such as the piano. Children and sometimes parents expect overnight results. This perception of learning is based on what C. Wright Mills calls a Sociological Imagination, or what I call a shared illusion about reality, learned mainly from TV and the movies.

Here’s an example. Ever watch the show “Friends. " This show glorifies people in their 30s who still act like adolescents. Wait a minute, that’s not really fair – my apologies. I know plenty of adolescents who are more responsible than the cast of characters in Friends. Sure. It’s a cute show but think about its content? What message does it send to young people? Certainly not the message that hard work and sacrifice pays off.

Learning to play the piano is more like the sustained effort of planning and growing your own garden, and then sharing your harvest with your family and friends. We have some blueberry plants growing in our back yard. They were very small when we first planted them, producing only a few berries. Now 15 years later, we harvest a freezer full of blueberries every summer! Many times we could have dug them up and planted some more attractive shrubs, but we always believed that one day they would grow into big blueberry “trees" and give us lots of yummy fruit. And now after years of care, they do.

Nurturing your child’s or your own musical talent is a lot like growing a garden. It takes time and patience. As well as attention to the simple things, like coming to lessons each week, attending recitals, developing a practice routine, staying focused on your goals, and believing that one day your dream will come true.

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Garden Care - Do Perennials Need Less Maintenance Than Annuals?
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