The Music Industry and Its Lack of Talent


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So it has come to this. . . what we see overrides what we hear. What we see now influences HOW we hear. And what we see drowns out all that is heard to the point that we are virtually deaf.

Be it the pop music forced down our throats by the incessant rambling of the local radio station, or the sexy video bombarding our television on MTV, all is lost. Or at least misplaced somewhere deep within our own psyche.

Since when has what is being seen suddenly dictated what is being heard? This cannot be the reality of it all, yet it has become all too clear that in fact this is the only reality: sex and image comes before content and talent.

No one shall ever hear the likes of classic rock and roll again, as the music industry is overrun with cookie-cutter sex pistols whose waistline is the most important thing, not the talent held within that waist. For some time now, music has not been music, but a corporate image force fed to its “fans" with commercial weight absent of anything worth hearing, and overloaded with what may be worth seeing.

At no time will any music now or in the future possess anything resembling a creative lifeforce that grew in the 1920's, flourished in the 50's and 60's, and fizzling out in the mid-to-late 70's. For so long now music has lacked style while becoming bloated upon gaudyness and imagary. And now, it is too late.

Thank the heavens for my 8 track. At least Edison created the recording device so that the greatness of the past can be heard again. . . you just need to know where to look.

I attended Rutgers University and played trumpet, piano, and any other valved instrument thru college to this very day.

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