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The recent changes in the payback formula at had catastophic results to indie artists everywhere. My band, the Brobdingnagian Bards, was making over $100 per day when the system dropped out from beneath us. But you know, it didn't hit us as hard as many artists.

The reasons is that about two months ago, I saw the changes that were happening and decided to make a change in my own marketing procedures. Vivendi was taking charge. They want to hinder free downloads and keep CDs viable for as long as possible. Alright, so we need to sell CDs. How do we do that?

That's when I started surfing to the masters. Fellows like Jim Daniels of, and even to some of the SPAM marketers.

You see, I read a book on ad copy about a year ago, and I started to understand what these people do. Sure, when you head to some SPAM marketer webpage, you see ad copy three pages long that doesn't tell you jack. It kinda beats around the bush. But you know what. . . some of that stuff ACTUALLY SELLS!

It's true. Ad copy for your CDs is all about convincing your potential fans to buy your albums. It's easy to write because all you need to do is tell your fans what you think is so great about your album. Why do they want to buy your album?

No, you don't have to write ten pages to sell your CD. Just write one. Or head over to our Celtic Wedding CD page. I setup that page in late July of 2001. Since then, our wedding CD has been our best selling CD. What does it do that is so special?

Not much. It directs traffic to the site. Tells visitors about the CD. It gives them free samples to listen and download. Offers a few testimonials. And it tells them why I think our CD is the perfect album for someone who is getting married or just in love. Finally, it gives them something extra. That's all ad copy is. And it works!

Hey, follow my example. Steal my ad copy and cater it to your own needs. And start selling CDs.

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