How to Choose and Care for Your Harmonica


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Start out with a 10 hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C. (The key is stamped somewhere on the harmonica). If you have any questions on choosing your harmonica, feel free to call Harmonicas and Stuff for help. Unfortunately, sate health laws prohibit the return of harmonicas because they are placed on your mouth.

There are two simple rules in caring for your harmonica:

1. Always play with a clean dry mouth

2. When you finish playing the harmonica, tap it out several times to remove any moisture from the reeds.

This is really all you need to do to maintain your harmonica (also know as a harp). Never run water through your harmonica, this may help you unstick an old reed, but too much water may cause the wood to swell, and this is not easy on the lips. Taking care of your harmonica will increase the life of the harp.

There are 10 holes in the harmonica play one note when you blow and another when you draw.

There are several ways to hold a Harmonica. Here is one example,

1. With the holes facing you numbered 1 to 10 going from left to right, cup your right hand around the harmonica.

2. Let the left side of the harmonica rest against your left hand with the fingers cupped around the harmonica.

3. Do not block any of the holew with any part of your hand and don't squeeze the harmonica.

Harmonicas come in many different keys. We recommend starting out with a key of C, and if you want to play a song in the key of A or D or any other key, then simple purchase those keys.

For more information visit Harmonicas and Stuff LLC, website at , or email chris@ or by phone at 1-888-802-4277.


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