Piano Lesson Recital Party Idea - The Harvest Mini Recital

Cynthia VanLandingham

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Children in piano lessons need opportunities to perform, but all of these don’t need to involve a formal recital with kids dressed in their Sunday best and all their relatives present. Piano recital parties can be rather spontaneous events that allow children to enjoy sharing their music with other kids in a relaxed way. Here’s a great piano party idea that kids love because it’s just for students! If you’re a parent, share this idea with your child’s piano teacher and offer to be a helper at this fun event.

The Mini Harvest Recital – The Fall Harvest Mini Recital is a piano party just for students to share the progress they have made with other kids. Emphasize the harvest recital as a time for students to practice sharing their talent and the fruit of their hard work with others. Decorate with pumpkins, scarecrows and fall leaves.

Begin the recital with a scavenger hunt. Give each student a paper treat bag and let them find candy and small toys hidden around the piano room.

After the scavenger hunt let students enjoy their treats while they play their songs for each other on the piano. The songs students play for this recital can be the pieces they have currently been playing in their lesson books. Remember the idea is to create a piano community and to let kids learn to share their music with others in a relaxed way that will break down any walls of worry that students often have about performing. There is no need for formal seating since parents won’t be there. Just put some big quilts to make a cozy place on the floor where the children to sit while they are waiting their turn to play.

After the students have played their pieces have enough board games on hand for everyone to grab a partner and get to know each other better. They don’t have to be games that every can play at once. You can have Chess, Checkers, Boggle, Musical Bingo, Chutes and Ladders, whatever you think your students would enjoy. Remember the games don’t all have to be about music, they just need to support your child’s or your student’s musical experience.

Remember to take some photos of this fun event and put them in a special piano party memory book. If you are a parent helping at this event you could offer to help the teacher make a memory book to have available at formal recitals so all the students can show their parents how much fun they had at their piano party.

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