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Ok Go are out of Chicago; Oh No is their second release. It is a great CD, and these guys are definately going somewhere. This album came out last year, but has not had much play time here in Australia. It features great guitar work throughout, covered by “anthemic" lyrics, and sounds successful.

It opens with Invincible, which launches the album at full pace. This track sets the style for the following tracks, which is a good thing. While no one enjoys an album that all sounds the same, some continuity in the style of music throughout is always nice. This is the case for the next two tracks, Do What You Want, and Here it Goes Again, both of which are great tracks. The latter has a bit of a pop sound to it, as does the rest of the album to a certain extent, but it is good pop. By the end of track three, the listener is hooked.

Track four, A Good Idea at the Time, marks a change in sound. It is still pretty fast moving, with the same fundamental undertones, but something definitely changes at this point, and it doesn’t seem good.

Oh Lately It’s So Quiet slows it down a fair bit; by this point they sound like a completely different band. The next track gets the album back on track though.

It’s a Disaster reintroduces the beat, has catchy lyrics, and sounds like a hit. Again, it is pop rock, but it is at its best. After this track, the album seems to die for a few tracks, before coming back in track ten.

Crash the Party gets feet tapping, and has a story to back it up. This said it has nothing on the opening tracks. On its own, without being compared to any other tracks, it could go further, but not here.

Television Television is the last track of note on Oh No. It’s fast paced, and tells a great story of television taking over. After the track ends, the album seems done.

This album features some great tracks, and some not so great ones. The songs don’t seem to mesh well, and this album is best enjoyed in moderation, not all together. Also, it clearly starts off with the strongest tracks, and degrades over the course of the CD.

Due to the standout tracks, it gets 7/10. Had there been four or five less tracks included, it could have been an eight.

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