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Do you want to be a music producer ?


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Some guys want to be a producer and would like to know what it takes to become one. Being a producer is different from being a rap or singing artist. What they all have incomin is that there all different pieces to the big puzzle an thats music. Being a “Music producer" plays a role in having the perfect backround for a artists voice.

What Makes the producer? Being a music producer in some cases can be a couple of things. One- thingthe M. P must know isabout the correct levels and tempo a singer is singing along with the beats mastering aswell. You don't want the person sounding to loud or to low. So the M. P must know a bit about sequencing along with recording. When mostguys think of becoming a music producer, what usually comesto mind issomeone who spends time making, what makesareheads rock backforth. Being the dude who make the hottest beats is what many guys want to learn in the studio so they cando it. Also the producer can also seem like more sothe supervisor. Theirs times when its up to the M. P to step in the way of a music engineer an correct a singers lyrics in order for it to fit correctly to the beat. Many producers are song writers. It's the producers job basically to make sure the song is well produced with the artist (example) the M. P throws the perfect sound or puts that creative feel to a beat when the artist wants to express the feeling for a certain point there trying to reach. “Music producers" can have many jobs in the studio.

Jobs They Could Have

* Song writer * Music engineer* Play Instrument (make beats)

How to actual make beats is the only thing dudes want to know how to do.

There is quite a bit, of ways to learn how to make beats out there. First off some music produces are full fledge musicians, they are able to play all types of instruments (piano, guitar, Trumpet). How to make beats isn't just playing instruments really, because some of the biggest producers out their don't have any idea how to play any instrument like for example “Swizz beatz" he doesn't sit around playing thepianohe'smore so playingthe MPC. This new guy out there “Lex Luger" he's definitly using fruityloops studios (computerized producer program). Getting your self familiar with whatever you choose to use is the key. There are many digital music making programs out that enable you to make industry level songs because these programs are loaded with computerized instrument sounds just like the live guitar, piano some brass, synth and many more. With many programs out there you could basically play the instrument on the program your using. Also you can play the live instrument while recording it with the program and do some copy and pasting or save an deleting also. The programs are so advanced you can sample and loop, manipulate melodies to your liking while making the most creative tracks.

Popular Program Producers Use

Deciding to make beats and to be a music producer can be very fulfilling and taking in all knowledge there is to know while being dedicated is the only way to get better.

Being a music producer can be a couple of jobs maybe more then a rapper or a singer. There are tons of methods to learn the basics of music production, like watching youtube videos from pro tutorials or just guys whose been doing it for a while sharing what they know and how. Remember sticking with it when you start, is the best way to help your skills increase. read more on how to be a famous singer also read make money with clickbanks


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