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Things just kept getting bigger and bigger


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Fire and Blood already broke down our breakfast with George, which was great. George is very personable and gracious. But in this post I’m going to sum up all of the info that came out of the roundtable discussion with GRRM. Later, I will tackle the session with David & Dan and then the full Game of thrones dvd panel.

Our first roundtable discussion was with GRRM and about 5 or 6 other TV journalists, sitting down in one of the hotel’s suites. An intimate setting, perfect for getting in a few questions weighing on the fans’ minds.

To start, George was asked to talk a little about the genesis of the project. He told us of how he sat down to lunch with David & Dan and ended up discussing the show for hours, when all the lunch folks had left and the dinner rush was beginning. He knew then that David & Dan would do right by the books and gave them his approval to attempt to pitch the show. All three men agreed that HBO was the best place for this show to end up. So David & Dan pitched it to HBO and they decided to go ahead and option the rights. And, of course, we know that since then HBO has gone on to order the full series.

“It was an exciting journey, ” Martin said. “Although, at every step of the way, you hold your breath. OK, they ordered the script but will they order the pilot? OK, they ordered the pilot, will they order the series?”

“So far, everything has worked out well, I’m very happy with what we’ve done. ”

But what was it about that initial meeting that allayed Martin’s fears? “Well, they loved the books, for one thing. Their whole approach was how to do the books in a different medium, how to do books on television. ”

This was different, Martin explained, than other meetings he had had with producers who would sit down and propose they just follow Dany or Jon or whomever, and cut away the rest of the story. “Well they may have made a decent movie that way. But it wouldn’t have been my story, it would have been a vastly truncated version of my story, ” Martin said.

Martin then talked about being in the unusual position of adapting himself. “It was actually very easy. I was a little trepidatious, when I started it, because it had been so long since I’d written a script, ” Martin explained. “But it came back easy and I was working with my own material and it’s a faithful adaptation, so I was just taking scenes from the books and transcribing them. ”

The hardest part, Martin admitted, was actually mastering the new script-writing software. “As my assistant Ty can tell you I don’t like working with computer things that I’m unfamiliar with, I find something I like and I stick with it for a long time. ”

Despite that, Martin said, “writing the teleplay was fun. ” He added, “I would gladly do more of them, and be a bigger part of this production, except of course the series is not finished. So one script a year is about all I can manage while still writing these enormous 1400-page books. ”

At this point, I asked Martin what it was like handing his characters and his story over to David & Dan. He’s often compared his characters to his children, did he have any apprehensions about handing over his children?

“Yeah, a certain amount of that. Game of Thrones Season 1 dvd It’s like you have these kids and they’re at home and you are raising them but then comes a day you have to send them off to school and now you are entrusting them to teachers and you hope they are good teachers… you hope that they’ll take good care of them and love them and nurture them the way you do. ”


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