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Game of thrones dvd we haven’t gotten an official season two greenlight


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Katee Sackhoff – A popular fan choice due to her role as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica. She has the right athleticism for the role, although at 5’6″ she isn’t quite as tall as an ideal Brienne. Some might say she is too pretty, but that can be fixed with makeup. If the production even wants to fix it, there are many who believe we might get “Hollywood ugly” for this role. The other big strike against her? She is American. However, I suspect she will audition. Her best friend, and fan of the books, Tricia Helfer will probably encourage her to. But I don’t know if she will ultimately be cast.

And with that the lights dimmed and the trailer began. It opened with the now-familiar execution scene. Some of the same shots, but some new ones as well. We see Will say his last words and insist he saw “the white walkers. ” Bran asks Ned, “Is it true he saw the white walkers?” A lingering shot of the Iron Throne in the Red Keep. Robb tells Jon, “Next time I see you, you’ll be all in black. ” Ned pushes Littlefinger up against the wall. Jory stares longingly at a whore as she begins to open her blouse. Ned, “Jory!” He snaps out of it. Some quick cuts of action fill out the end of the trailer. April 17, 2011.

Miranda HartMiranda Hart – A popular British comedienne, Hart is best known for her BBC sitcom Miranda. At 6’1″ she’s definitely got the size to play Brienne. But maybe not the athleticism. She’s also not blonde, although that isn’t essential to the character and could easily be fixed in any case. The thing is she’s already got a successful sitcom on the BBC, would she really want to leave that? And she’s more of a comedic actress, how would she handle the really dramatic stuff? She does have one prominent backer though — Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell) has tweeted his feeling that she would make a good Brienne.

Eva DamenEva Damen – This Dutch actress is a newcomer to the Brienne casting discussion. Her name first popped up when she began an active online campaign for the role a la Conan Stevens. She looks to have the right physical attributes: tall, athletic, and with stage combat training too. Despite never appearing in anything but Dutch productions, her resume says she can speak English and do a British accent. But she is very inexperienced, is her acting talent sufficient for a major role? This sort of online fan campaign has worked before, Game of thrones dvd in a similarly unique role, so maybe she has a shot?


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