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Animated Detective Cartoons

Whitney Segura

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There are a lot of people that are interested detectives in anime and cartoons, and the number of people with this interest is steadily on the increase.

  • Anime is a type of animation, and it was originally created within Japan and has developed over the years.
  • There are a lot of children that are interested in this type of cartoon. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding anime cartoons. People from all backgrounds and cultures enjoy watching these cartoons.

Detective Cartoons

Anime detective and police cartoons are popular because people from all over the world enjoy watching them.

There is not actually an exact answer as to why these cartoons are so popular. The story lines within anime cartoons tend to be more detailed, and the animation tends to be done better and to a high standard.

  • The extensive development of the characters makes these cartoons better and leaves the fans craving more.
  • There may be some hardcore fans that do not totally agree with the advantages, but the truth is that most people tend to enjoy these cartoons better than the more traditional animated cartoons.

Dective Inspector Gadget

Within the world of anime, Batman is considered to be the ultimate detective and he has the power to figure out just about everything.

  • There are a lot of other detectives within the animation world that can be classed as some of the best detectives, everyone loves to watch Inspector Gadget cartoons .
  • Over the years, the mystery and detective genre has had a reasonable amount of representation. However, this has generally been unappreciated, which is actually a shame as a lot of work has been put into these characters. There has been a lot of hard work put into getting rid of the ‘who done it’ style, which is a bit out of date and old fashioned.

There are really ten detective characters that are worth remembering when it comes to detective cartoons and anime cartoons.

  • The tenth most popular detective character is Spica- Zodiac P. I. This character by day is normal although hyperactive and she is a student at high school.
  • By night this character is a mysterious detective that solves crimes through the powers of the stars. This character can be classed as a spunky blend of astrological and mystery, and this character is behind the popular Princess Manga. This detective uses the usual detective skills as well as using the zodiac stars in an attempt to solve crimes.

Another popular animated detective cartoon character is Inspector Zenigata-Lupin the third.

  • The character known as Lupin is actually the greatest thief in the world, and Zenigata is not actually good enough to catch Lupin.
  • The guy does however, deserve some credit and he may not actually be able to use his ability to solve crimes but he does have a blood hood instinct.

The character that is known as Mustachio is also known as Shunsaku Ban. This character is an astro boy that is located in Metropolis.

It is true to say that no list of top detectives would be complete without managing this character, and he can be classed as one of the founding fathers when it comes to detectives.


No matter which cartoon your watching, you honestly cannot go wrong.


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