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Sucker Punch Movie

Gursel Batmaz

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Set inside the dreary, CG-heightened 1950s, Sucker Punch is all about a young female protagonist named Babydoll (Emily Browning, who replaced Amanda Seyfried inside the role) who retreats into a fantasy world to escape the hard truth: that in only days, her evil stepdad could have her lobotomized.

In line with the trailer, Babydoll's “real" globe is really a dark and gloomy mental hospital in Brattleboro, Vermont, the place where a Polish-accented Carla Gugino tells her in voice-over that she will escape into her fantasy globe. “What you are imagining right now, " she purrs, “that place is as actual just like any pain. "

With Gugino's encouragement, Babydoll promises to escape - and he or she takes her hot fellow mentally insane patients (Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens) with her into. . .

. . a fantasy world where the girls, interrupted reside in a brothel as glamorous burlesque performers. You'd believe that wouldn't be so bad, but then they apparently must leave this fabulous brothel spot to complete numerous motion movie tasks, designed with big guns, B-52 bombers, fighting styles abilities, samurai swords, and knives as sharp as their skirts are short. Via some tasked challenges, this rock band of deadly young ladies will ostensibly earn some type of “freedom" - and we the crowd will probably be around the receiving end of some cinematic sucker punch we never saw coming.

Somewhere in all this awesomeness, there will be musical numbers. Elaborate, glitzy, cabaret-style musical numbers serving up song and dance alongside everything that action and killing. Stylized trench warfare and burlesque - two excellent tastes that taste great collectively?

Let's keep an eye on at the characters of Sucker Punch, as dreamily (or nightmarishly?) conceptualized by photographer Clay Enos within the initial batch of character posters. Every person piece depicts an alternative Sucker Punch lady and, presumably, her respective signature outfit and weapons of preference - combined with the particular setting which could prove considerable for her in the film.

Emily Browning as Babydoll can be a schoolgirl vision in blonde pigtails along with a sassy stare who wields a pistol in one hand along with a samurai sword within the other. Snow falls around her as she stands facing a pagoda, suggesting her large challenge should come fighting the enormous samurais we have seen within the trailer.

Abbie Cornish's Sweetpea evokes medieval maiden with an edge - a pantless, armored dragon slayer shown having a castle in private.

Amber, played by Jamie Chung, is apparently a WWII-era fly gal who likes lollipops, wears chaps, maybe flies a B-52 bomber and fights using a enormous robot. A robot having a bunny face.

Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie just isn't blonde. She does, nevertheless, wear a slick, slightly much more updated outfit that somewhat resembles a ninja cowgirl. And the gun. She's a large, big gun. One thing here's clear: Hudgens is saying such a long time to her Senior high school Musical days.

Jena Malone's Rocket is harder to learn, but she does hold a knife at her side, which promises stabby motion. Also, fishnets. Her scene happens with an alien planet having a helicopter.

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