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Car GPS Navigation Systems - Keeping You on Track

Renyong Lorry

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Tired of being stymied by senseless directions and confounding road maps when you're traveling? Ditch the confusion and opt for the convenience and simplicity of a car GPS device instead! Contact your local car audio video specialist today.

You're on your way out the door to an old friend's wedding and, luckily, remember to grab the printed directions to the church off the kitchen table. You turn out the driveway and scan the list of instructions. The first step is to turn onto Main St. “heading west. " Is that a left or a right? You take an educated guess and wind up driving in the right direction. Phew!

After forty-five minutes of driving along the same road, you start to get a little panicky. You're not entirely sure how long driving 13.8 miles should last, but you know that your next step was supposed to be a left-hand turn onto Acorn Rd. ; you have a sinking feeling that you missed the turn somewhere along the way. There's a gas station up ahead, so you decide to ask the attendant for help. He scratches his forehead, leaving a smudge of grease along his receding hairline, and tells you that you passed your turn about ten miles back. Ten miles?! But the wedding starts in five minutes!

You sneak into the wedding ten minutes late, but fortunately the bridal party was running a tad behind schedule as well. As you scoot into a pew, you whisper to an acquaintance seated next to you that you had trouble finding the church. She looks surprised. “You don't have a car GPS?" she asks. In a hushed voice, she proceeds to extol the virtues of a mobile navigation system. Navigation systems, she says, are great because they guide you with spoken turn-by-turn instructions and visual aids directly to your destination. You sit in silence, feeling even more foolish than before, as she explains that she had a GPS navigation system installed right into her dashboard by her local car audio video specialist. She had gotten lost trying to locate her nearby car customization shop for window tinting installation when the professional installer recommended a car GPS navigation system. “It was so easy!" she tells you, her voice getting a little louder. You smile and nod, vowing silently to visit the nearest mobile electronics provider on your next day off.

The following weekend, you use your mobile navigation device to get to a housewarming party at your cousin's new apartment. Thanks to the time-tracking feature on your car GPS , you arrived right on time. You wish there was a way to repay that friendly woman at the wedding. Just then, your aunt arrives, looking flustered, and explains how she took a wrong turn and ended up on the other side of town. Pulling her aside, you decide to pass on the favor.

In-dash navigation systems can help everyone reach their destination with ease. Visit your local car electronics shop today to get started.

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The Truth About Buying Car GPS Navigation Systems
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