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Angelina Jolie is a bad-ass. Anyone who thinks twice is not even human. It is so amazing how she mixes the masculinity of a brute man with the grace of a hot vixen - and we are not even on the topic of her voluptuous lips here friends. “Salt", when read on paper, is definitely the perfect film for her. The original script intended the character of Salt to be a man (original star rumored to be Tom Cruise) but no thanks to Jolie and a clever quip stating she wanted to be James Bond, this was totally reversed. This is another reason why men from all over must revere her. But seriously, “Salt" looks to be a kick-ass action movie with a twist. We definitely are wondering who Evelyn Salt is from the

Salt 2010moment we saw the previews earlier this year. Read on to find out if it is worth it to find out who her true identity is.

Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is considered to be one of the top agents of the CIA. She has sworn an oath to duty, honor and to country and her track record has proven to be more than perfect to support this. One day though, everything changes. Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski), a Russian defector, unveils a plan called “Day X" that will crush the United States of America and right in the middle of “Day X" is Evelyn Salt in which whom he tagged as one of the secret agents working for Russia. Salt decides to risk it all and goes on the run from the people she has worked with for years. Who is Evelyn Salt? Why is she running? Is she really a spy?

"Salt" definitely proves how a tour-de-force Angelina Jolie has become. It has all the elements you expect from an action/thriller film but it wraps it up in a refreshingly new way. What makes “Salt" so astounding is how natural everything feels. Yes, there's the occasional Herculean task that seems implausible but the lack of any CGI elements is something we definitely appreciated. “Salt" just proves that sometimes technology should take a back seat. The real seller for “Salt" more than anything else is the story. The tagline “Who is Salt?" definitely captures what the film feels like. You really cannot trust anyone in this movie and the twists will most definitely surprise you more than once.

Download Salt 2010 or Watch online Salt Full Movie here

What we really hated about “Salt" is it ended a bit too quick and suddenly - though it really does hint a sequel should be in the works. We already miss the heart-pounding scenes and the edge-of-your-seat action. We can guarantee that “Salt" is a must-watch.


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