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Promise to the dying knight, archer leads from the army of King Richard the Lion Heart in Nottingham, where he suddenly becomes heir to the family estate. Meanwhile the English throne ascends King John (who later earned the nickname Lackland), northern barons rebelling, and the French invasion of England is prepared. On the screens there was a new large-scale epic Ridley Scott, where the boiling of battles and political passions archer Robin Longstridzhu to become a legendary hero, known to everybody under the name - “Robin Hood".

Ridley Scott has already become a classic, but to repeat the resounding success of his “Gladiator" to

Robin Hood 2010him for a long time without success. In 2005, Scott removed sprawling film about the Crusades’ Kingdom of Heaven, “which astonished and irritated the battles the hero without fear, charisma and reproach, played by Orlando Bloom.

"Robin Hood" - a new attempt to take the height of the director, the establishment of “Gladiator. " And this time the attempt was successful! Long time on the screens did not come out historical thriller of the same perfect proportions, as “Robin Hood", in which fierce battles perfectly balanced by the intrigues of public policy, revenge, romance and pastoral village life in the family estate.

Actor of all as one, perfectly good. Russell Crowe has long been a lucky mascot director. Mark Strong with a scar on his cheek and cunning plan did Judas Godfrey truly sinister - Joker half. Max von Sydow - inspired the old knight with an inflexible posture and amazing charisma. Special mention deserves William Hurt, clearly played a wise king's military commander speaking with Marshall's name.

Ridley Scott lovingly and meticulously recreated on the screen of the smallest details of everyday life of the Middle Ages. Scenery - from the impressive stone castles (London, New York, being naughty) to the ship's hold and premises Loxley estates - the imagination and give the film the events that solid foundation, thanks to a faceless historical facts are becoming over time the features of the heroes of cinema.

On action, for talk is almost excessive. The historical action, as Ridley Scott, are able to shoot, perhaps, only Luc Besson and Peter Jackson. “Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" of the first of them, in which the British overcame the French, in harmony with “Robin Hood", in which the French bombarded the British, events and fury of battle. With the latest film by Scott relates innumerable cavalry, giving resistance to invading England in French - like rohanskaya cavalry in the Battle of the Pelennor fields, and particles similar to the “Lord of the Rings" atmosphere of harmony with nature.

Classical for Ridley Scott's scheme of “fierce battle early - a spectacular battle in the end" is repeated here. “Robin Hood" begins with an epic scene of the siege by Richard the Lionheart Castle naughty, in which the boom with a bang beating the stone walls and billboards, and completed a large-scale battle on the coast, where surf is stained with blood. Compare this with what is not - from the final camp in “Robin Hood" is breathtaking: the shouting, General Maximus in “Gladiator" to his warriors, that Ridley Scott made there will remain for centuries.

Even that is a historical film living classic of modern cinema films of the knight. This concept for him - more than swinging a sword and a heroic feats for the ladies and the fatherland. To Ridley Scott Knight - just a man, but this: a manager, a man of honor and only then - a warrior. Robin Hood shoots an arrow as a medieval sniper, and this breaks a sigh of delight - but not, he commands respect.

Left in the estate of Loxley, Robin clearly and right of these farms from ruin, and the beautiful Maid Marion Locksley ceases to put on the bed between her and called her husband dagger. In this vein, associate the name of Robin Hood and Magna Carta, which initiated the British parliamentary monarchy, was a brilliant idea Brian Helgelenda, reworked the script called “Nottingham" in what eventually removed by Ridley Scott.

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"The untold story of how man became a legend" - the slogan reads “Robin Hood" and the movie really tells us how to become a legend. It is about how a true knight - the standard of the best male qualities - recognized and continued to administer begun by his predecessors great job.


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