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MTV’s College Life: Work Hard, Play Hard


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For the college kids on MTV's College Life, it's all about balance. If you decide to go out on a Tuesday night you better be prepared to deal with a nasty hang over the next day and pull through it. If you decide to sleep over at a guy's place, you better be prepared to study all day the next day to make up for lost time. No matter what decisions are made on MTV's College Life what these students might not realize is that they must also deal with the consequences.

They no longer have the comforts of home and mommy and daddy to fall back on. Football games, flipcup, RA's, ragers and everything in between are the norm for these students and they must figure out to get through freshmen year without doing too much damage to their livers, parents, and social lives. In order to get through their college let alone freshmen year, these college students must figure out a way to get through the school part, to somehow manage their relationships, and obtain that college degree or finish freshmen year the way their parents are expecting them to.

College is a time for kids to turn into adults, college is a time to learn more about yourself, and to these college students college is a time to party, a time for the opposite sex, and a time to try to get through the studying without having a hangover. There is no doubt about it that these college students on MTV's College life are living the college life, but they are also living it while taping it at the same time. Madison Wisconsin is now being seen in a different light as their college students are taping themselves in their daily life at college. Whether it is a good or bad thing for the town of Madison, one thing is for sure drama is bound to occur. MTV College life is based around the lives of four college freshmen and being able to deal with being away from home.

From dealing with failing out to struggling with paying tuition, Alex, Andrea, Kevin, and Jordan must live up to their parents expectations and pull through. MTV College life is a good look inside what college is really like because actual college students are taping their lives themselves, there are no camera's, no editing, and no fakeness. If you are just starting your college search this would be a good show to watch because you can truly see what it is like to live the college life. From the parties and the boys to the studying and the tests there is no getting around reality for these four college students on MTV's College life.

Marion Andrus is a great fan of MTV’s reality shows. Get more information for MTV’s newest reality show MTV College life and MTV College life style at


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