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Can The Digital Switchover Help Save Money During the Credit Crisis?


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The economy is sliding, and people across the globe are subsequently feeling the effects. So it makes sense that an increasing number of households in the UK and beyond are implementing a budget plan to save money. Many families are cutting out unnecessary costs such as holidays, while others are trying to economise with everyday costs such as utility and food-shopping bills. But can certain purchases actually help you save money during the credit crisis?

While spending money on new home items seems to defeat the purpose of economising during the credit crunch, certain smart buys can actually help save you money in the long run. Energy-efficient light bulbs pose one example. You’ll initially have to purchase all the light bulbs for your house; but once you replace all your regular light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, you’ll save on your electricity bills.

Purchasing with an eye on special deals is another way to save money. For instance, if you know your family goes through a certain item quickly, and you notice that item on special offer at the store as a bulk-buy, you should make the purchase. Even though you’ll spend more money than usual up front, it’ll end up costing you less in the long run.

Likewise, satellite and digital TV can help save you money during the economic slump - particularly if you tend to spend a lot of money going out to movies. Think about how much you might spend on a movie ticket and dinner in a restaurant then compare that cost to a home-made meal and a movie on satellite television. The savings are apparent, and the financial benefits clear: satellite and digital television can save you a considerable amount on entertainment costs. And because digital TV offers more channels, better picture quality and interactive features compared to standard television, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on entertainment.

In addition to saving on entertainment costs, switching over to digital TV now will help save you on extra television equipment later. That’s because by 2012, TV in the UK will - region by region - go completely digital. That means all televisions will have to make a digital switchover in time for the digital switch in their area. Not switching over might mean you need to buy extra equipment - like a set-up box - if you want to use a TV after switchover, and that means extra costs later on.

So if you’re trying to save money during the economic crisis, get smart about your purchases. Make the satellite and digital switchover , and save on entertainment and equipment costs by enjoying a variety of channels on high-definition TV at home. It may prove to be one of the wisest purchases you can make during the credit slump.

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