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Hell's Kitchen Season 3 Episode 4 Recap


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Starting with a taste test, Bonnie shows her skills by correctly picking the foods Chef Ramsay offers her, and Vinnie ends up wrecking it for the Men by incorrectly picking Seared Tuna as Pan Cheddar.

The challenge ended, the Men get to not only prep both kitchens for he evening service, but to test their palates on rather unsavory but highly flavored foods like Tongue, Beef Liver, and Tripe. As they sit down to the meal, Vinnie seems to try and goad Rock into throwing it back up, but Rock manages to keep the food down as do all the Men.

The Ladies get to go out to a unique meal with Chef Ramsay, eating a lunch in pitch blackness. They are led into a fully darkened seating area, and Ramsay starts a bun tossing fight with the girls before they settle down to enjoy their meal. Bonnie flirts with the Scotsman by telling him he has a very nice voice.

Back at the kitchen, just before the beginning of service, Chef Ramsay informs the two teams that tonight the diners will be filling out comment cards. Those comment cards will be used to decide which team is the winner, and which team loses.

The Blue kitchen leaps into action and fairly quickly, Josh delivers the first batch of appetizers to the hotplate. Much to Ramsay's dismay, the Risotto is undercooked and crunchy. Blue team is off to a poor start.

The Red kitchen meanwhile, begins it's evening with a delay from Melissa's station, to the point where Chef Ramsay accuses her of not working with the team and calls her a F%#& bimbo.

Back at the Blue kitchen, Ramsay catches Josh just standing around, no food at his station, just standing there. He demands that Rock take over and direct the other chef, which Rock does, and Josh moves under that direction. Meanwhile, Vinnie is unable to deliver the Beef Wellingtons as he has undercooked them.

The Red Kitchen's Beef Wellingtons are undercooked, Pasta is still raw. Chef Confronts Bonnie, accusing her of lying as she always answers ‘Yes Chef’ but never seems to do as he asks.

By the 9pm mark, the Red Kitchen is well ahead with 14 appetizers served and they are well on the way through their entrees as well.

A female patron comes up to ask about her meal. Ramsay does his usual tact and sends her back with Jean-Phillipe.

Back at blue, Chef asks about the Beef Wellingtons and is informed that they need much more time. Asking Vinnie directly, he finds out that 6 Wellingtons have been spoiled. His only comment and the Ramsay Rant for this Episode . . . “F#$% me senseless"

Throughout the evening, the Blue Kitchen serves over salted fish and undercooked spaghetti, while the Red kitchen under Bonnie's station is unable to send out a properly cooked chicken.

Chef Ramsay shuts them both down at past 10 and then collects the comment cards.

He informs both teams that their performance would have closed any other restaurant as 65% of the diners chose not to return. Bonnie is very depressed and wants to go home. Ramsay decides that both teams lost, and nominates rock as he was a solid performer and Jen because she didn't do too badly. Those two get to pick their weakest team mates for elimination.

They go back to the dorms to deliberate and come back with their choices. Rock nominates Josh because he feels Josh is at his maximum and has nowhere else to go, while Jen nominates Melissa because she feels Melissa lacks leadership potential.

Ramsay overrules both of them and is disappointed because neither picked their weakest link. he nominates both bonnie and Vinnie. He asks the two why they should remain, Vinnie spouts off about how he is the best Chef in the kitchen and needs more time to show his potential. Bonnie admits her faults but explains that she always learns from her mistakes.

Chef Ramsay picks Vinnie to leave the kitchen because in his words “Vinnie can talk the talk, but not Walk the walk. He's A crap Chef"

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