True Olsen Twins: Mary-Kate and Ashley


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You probably think Mary-Kate and Ashley are so famous stars that you don't have anything in common. But you have even more in common than you could ever suppose!

"We do the same things as many other teens", says Mary-Kate. “We go to school, go shopping, meet friends, and have a rest. "

"Our friends and teacher communicate with us as with ordinary teens", agreed Ashley.

Girls go for a walk, wait for new films’ release and enjoy listening to music. They learn to play the piano but refuse to play football. They sometimes have failures at school and with boys. They like N'Sync's songs and go at concerts with friends.

Mary-Kate and Ashley were born on June 13, 1986 (Ashley is 2 minutes older). They grew at the suburb of Los-Angeles with their brother Trent; he is 2 years older and their sister Elizabeth. She is 3 years younger. Their parents are divorced and children had to divide for some time to be sometimes with mother and sometimes with father. Their father Dave is a broker. Their mother Jarnette performs with ballets in Los-Angeles.

"Trent is a typical elder brother", said Kate. “He helps us with homework, likes to be our observer and looks after us. But he teases us all the time! He draws very well and goes for sport. He plays football, baseball and basketball. And he also likes computer games very much".

"Lizzie is our younger sister. She does everything by herself and so she is very independent. She likes to act plays at school. And she began to learn actor's skill professionally".

Besides Mary-Kate and Ashley have small sister and brother from the second marriage of their father with Mackenzie Olsen. Tailor is 2 and a half years old and Jake is one and a half year old.

"It's great when there are small children because you can play with them", says Ashley. “We always help our father to look after children" They have their own fashion line, but what styles do they prefer?

"None", says Mary-Kate. “I like eclecticism when everything is mixed. " And Ashley says “I wear not only the latest fashion. Sometimes I put on things that were in vogue 2 years ago. The main thing is that my clothes should suit my mood at that moment".

They are often asked about their similarities and differences. How do people distinguish them?

"It's very simple", says Mary-Kate. “I have a little mole on my right cheek and Ashley has the same but on her chin. I'm a lefthander and Ashley is normal. "

The whole twins’ life…


June, 13. Hello the world! Mary-Kate and Ashley were born in Los-Angeles in the family of loved parents Jarnie and Dave Olsen.


February. 7-month old Mary-Kate and Ashley went to the first interview to get the role of Michelle Tanner in the serial “Full House". September. “Full House" is started to shoot in Los-Angeles. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started to act the role of Michelle Tanner in the serial that soon should have appeared on ABC channel. Interesting fact; Mary-Kate played funny scenes and Ashley played more serious.


June. Mary-Kate and Ashley played in their first movie “To Grandmother's House We Go".

Interesting fact; While the film was shooting in Canada Mary-Kate has gone a horse-riding for the first time and became a fan of this sport. September. Ashley lost her first milk-tooth and four month later Mary-Kate lost her too.


April. Mary-Kate and Ashley released their first music video “Our first video".

November. An investigation agency “Olsen and Olsen" was opened! Mary-Kate and Ashley played private detectives and laid bare the truth as “The Trench coat Twins" in new serial “The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley". At the time the first series of their book was published.


September. “You are invited on Mary-Kate and Ashley…" This serial began from “Party with lodging for the night".

December. Mary-Kate and Ashley celebrate Christmas on cruise abroad on a military ship and shoot the video “The Case of the Mystery Cruise".


June. Caribbean cruise abroad on submarine with friends and fans.

July. Mary-Kate and Ashley play with dolphins and even met gangsters while playing in video “The Case Of The Sea World Adventure".

October. In the space! Almost. Mary-Kate and Ashley at NASA space camp with their father and elder brother Trent to perform in video “The Case of the U. S Space Camp Mission". They are in the space simulator and meet an astronaut.

October. Mary-Kate and Ashley lost their front teeth in Florida together.

December. Mary-Kate got her first pony and called him “CD".


April. Mary-Kate and Ashley act in their first movie, that was shown in cinema “Both I and My Shadow". Also appeared Kirsty Elli and Steve Guttenberg. July. Hawaii holidays! Mary-Kate and Ashley study surfing. Mary-Kate and Ashley got the reward Nickelodeon Kid's Choice for their roles in the film “Both I and My Shadow".


February. Learn how to ski! Mary-Kate and Ashley go to Weil, Colorado and act in video “Christmas party".

Spring. Queens of cosmetics! Mary-Kate and Ashley start experimenting with lipstick, tone and mascara.

November. Mary-Kate and Ashley take part in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New-York. They are having a ride on Jell-O's platform.


August. Entertainments on cruise to Florida, holidays on Magic Disney ship with their family, friends and fans.

September. New serial “Two Of A Kind" started on ABC channel. Interesting fact; girls played characters who had names Mary-Kate and Ashley, but their surname was Berk.


September. Mary-Kate and Ashley went to eighth form and joined cheer-leaders.

October. Internet! Mary-Kate and Ashley open their own site

June. Mary-Kate and Ashley made their first journey to Europe and play in a new film “The passport to Paris". Interesting fact; They have kissed guys on the screen for the first time.


May. Toys! Dolls Mary-Kate and Ashley Mattel. They are a real hit!

April. Mary-Kate and Ashley go to Australia and play in a new film “Our lips are sealed!"

October. A month in Great Britain, shooting the film “Winning London"

September, 25 Mary-Kate and Ashley visited their first big concert in Los-Angeles and saw Counting Crows.


January. Fashion! Mary-Kate and Ashley put on sale their own fashion line Wal-Mart.

June. New serial “Twins". Premiere on Fox Family channel.

August. Hollywood Reporter Magazine called Mary-Kate and Ashley “Most Powerful Young Women in Hollywood".

October. Mary-Kate and Ashley got a permission to education with California Department of Motor Vehicles.

October. Animation! “Mary-Kate and Ashley in action!"

November. Mary-Kate and Ashley on the Caribbean Islands. They performed in the movie “Holiday in the Sun"

Summer. Start dancing.


February. Mary-Kate and Ashley ski in Deep Valley, Utah while acting in the film “Getting there"

Summer. The end of academic year in high school! They prepare to entering a college.

April. Italy! Mary-Kate and Ashley travel in Italy and act in a new film “When in Rome", which was released at the end of the year.

June. Mary-Kate and Ashley devote much time to ending the high school.

June, 13 Sweet 16!

8:00 Mary-Kate and Ashley had an exam to got the best gifts - driving licenses. They spent all day with friends and family.

September. A new video is shooting probably on holidays in Pacific Ocean!

What's next? Many Mary-Kate and Ashley's adventures.

Visit our Olsen Twins FunClib ! Articles, blog, photos, screensaver. . . all about Mary-Kate and Ashley!


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