It's a North-South Thing, Y'all!


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Travelling around the country you sure get some different accents and different ways of putting words together. Sometimes the same thing is spoken differently in different areas.

For example: Up North, you rub snuff. . . down South, you dip it.

I live about 60 miles from Washington, D. West Virginia. I moved here from Virginia Beach about 18 years ago. I was shocked when I heard that someone was going to get some Mexicans to eat at work. I found out that's what they call Chili Dogs in this area. It sure put my mind at ease. For a little while, I thought I was working with cannibals!

I grew up in Appalachia. The folk up there don't go fishing. . they go feesching. They don't push the lawnmover. . they pooosch it! And, now it ain't a creek, it's a crick. You never get tired, you get tarred.

I went out to California, in the 60s. I was in the navy. I found out that Californians didn't have roots, they had ruts.

And in New York, it's not Long Island, it's Longheyelund.

In North Carolina, someone may axe you a question.

I worked in radio for a short time in my life. I remember the boss made us use Midwestern Caucasian Dialect. For a mountain boy, it was difficult for a while. Most of the TV folk today still use it.

Out West you don't have a Flea Market, you have a Swap Meet.

City folk, country folk, midwestern folk all have their own way of experession. However, most of the time you can understand what they are saying. Just don't be dissin’ each other ‘cause you're different.


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