Lost in the Translation


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I have to write about this one, and I hope I'm right. Right!? The English language is difficult to right. Often times it's difficult to right a wrong. Interesting question; how may rights are there in the English language? After you have red this post, I'm sure you will understand too reason why the English language is most difficult to read and right. Perhaps you will Emil me (smiling). It hurts too be Emailed around the world on a tiny wire! Just send an Emil to me, it’s less painful. One day we could go for a “hot cup of coffee". However, I prefer hot coffee in a cup. Remember, don't throw the baby out the window some cookies.

After working an all night shift, a group of us decided to stop for breakfast. It was about 5:30 AM and the restaurant was filled with early morning people. The waitress asked a simple question while taking each of our breakfast orders. “How do you like your eggs?" Our answers ranged from scrambled to sunny-side-up. Until, she asked my friend Carlos. He looked very confused from the waitresses question. Another friend tapped Carlos on the arm and said, “the waitress would like to know how you like your eggs. " Carlos smiled and said, “I luv my eggs!" The waitress frowned. Carlos explained, “I luv my eggs with all my heart!". Then the escalation begin louder and louder. First the waitress, “how do you like your eggs?" Then, Carlos, “I said, and I am positive, with all my heart, I luv my eggs!" Everyone of my co workers at the table fell for it and started saying the words louder and louder. HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS!? This could have gone on all morning, I poked Carlos with my elbow and winked. Good one Carlos, now tell her how you would like your eggs prepared so we can eat.

Imagine how complex and confusing the translation of technical documents are from English into other languages. For example, the central processing unit on a computer is known industry wide and spoken in most every language as C-P-U. In French it is spoken as C-P-U. Try this in Spanish. Does not work in the Spanish language because the first letter pronounced is the word yes. So each letter is spoken and written in the Spanish language as opposed to the above English presentation of a central processing unit. Technical translations are much, much more complex than this small example. And, what happens when you translate a language that expresses ones emotions? Very tricky to be accurate in the target language but, it can be accomplished. So, when picking language translators, they must be experienced in the subject matter as well as tested and approved in the subject before they can translate any document for TNT Recruitment.net. Accurate, affordable translations (www.tntrecruitment.net). And, we have to be right on this one (smiling)!


John has be nominated for 7 Emmy nominations, 2 winners and 6 national Telly Awards for writing, producing and directing broadcast advertising and coporate productions produced in over 15 langauges.


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