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Shifting the Historical Paradigm through E-book Sales


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Writing is arguably one of the greatest human inventions in history. Indeed, writing altogether established the concept of a history as we know it today. While many in the ancient world relied on forms of oral history and storytelling passed down from generation to generation, these days the written version of events give shape to our understanding of those who came before us. Allowing facts to remain in permanent standing, rather than being subjected to the erosion of one’s memory in time.

History remains, however, hotly contested and depends largely on whose version of events most of us agree with. Some textbooks from decades ago reveal just how much America as a nation has altered the way it presents its historical background, with people fighting for events to be altered in textbooks stating that they may offend certain peoples. Sometimes it takes time for the current zeitgeist to pass over before a particular history is formed more accurately.

Today, textbooks like most all forms of media, have gone digital. Through devices like Amazon’s Kindle or the Apple iPad, users can download e-books and read without having ever turned a page. According to recent data, “Amazon has been selling more e-books than hardcover books over the last three months. ” The advantage Amazon has over other traditional book sellers is found in its method of delivery.

Without the need for postage scales and postage machines, Amazon has sidestepped a huge step in the delivery process. While it still sells more than its share of hardcover books, a lot of the resources once spent on shipping and handling have been significantly reduced. Just what this tells us about ourselves will remain to be seen as the act of reading continues to be transformed through advances in technology. For more information on ways to reduce business costs, check this site.

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New Book Sales Suffering Due to Sales of Used Books
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