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Can You Learn Spanish From a CD?


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There are many ways to learn Spanish. I think the best way is to immerse yourself in the language, people and culture by living in a Spanish speaking country for 3 to 6 months. Of course this is not always possible as people have jobs and other responsibilities that may keep them at home. So what is the alternative?

Well, there are plenty of Spanish language learning courses available these days. They seem to range from full blown software learning systems, text books type courses and courses that are given via CD (or MP3). They all vary in price, from the expensive to the cheap, but do they actually work? Will you be able to speak Spanish at the end of the course? This article will look at some of the advantages to learning through an audio language course that might come on a series of CDs or MP3s.

One obvious advantage of learning from an audio course is that you will learn Spanish the way you learned your mother tongue, by listening, then learning to speak and after that learning how to read and write. Many traditional classes at schools and colleges teach the two skills together. Their aim is to get the student up to speed quicker in the language but many students may feel overwhelmed or not enjoy this method.

Secondly, learning from an audio CD gives you the chance to practice your words with the proper pronunciation and accent. This presupposes that the person teaching the course is a native Spanish speaker. (My one criticism of the Michel Thomas Spanish course is that Michel has a French accent) By listening to your audio course repeatedly you will be able to hear how the word is intended to sound and attempt to mimic the sound (this is how children learn).

Possibly the best advantage of a CD/MP3 course is the ease of use. Nowadays, most everybody has a CD or MP3 player. Thus your Spanish course can be listened to while at the gym, doing the housework, behind the wheel as you drive to work each day or on the bus as you go to work. It can also be stopped and listened to again if you missed something.

Learning Spanish via an audio course is a perfect way to learn the language because it is simple to use. It can give you a taste of the language or it can get you to a fairly advanced level. Remember, however, that it is limited to how much it can teach. Ultimately you will have to expand your knowledge through other methods. One of the best is to speak to Spanish people as often as possible. Use the knowledge you have learned and it will stick with you. If you just listen then it won't stick. As the saying goes, use it or lose it. Having said that, a Spanish CD is a great way to learn the basics and can give you the push start you need to Spanish fluency.

There are many Spanish language courses available right now, a popular course is Rocket Spanish. For a detailed Rocket Spanish Review visit The site features a comprehensive review of the rocket Spanish course, including how to use the educational games properly. Adrian Whittle writes on how to learn Spanish and language learning tips.


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