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Learn to Speak Spanish Easy and Become Fluent

Dean Novosat

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Many people are afraid from learning a new language because it would be too much time consuming and difficult. This is not always true. Let us take the Spanish language (or any Latin based language). Here you already have a great advantage right at the start, i. e. you know the alphabet and most likely you would be able to read the words. You would also be able to find words that are similar to English both in meaning and pronunciation/ spelling. This is a head start of about one or two months minimum – when compared to a totally strange language such as Hindi (Indian language) for example or Japanese – where the alphabets itself would take you some time to recognize and master.

How Do You Learn Spanish Easy

There are many ways you could learn Spanish fast and have a lot of fun at the same time. Some of the methods are described below:

1. Use bi-lingual books – for a person who loves reading this is one excellent tool to learn Spanish easy. You would be interested to find out what is the story and you would very much want to get through the book – with the help of the English translation you would be able to catch up pretty fast and easy.

2. Use online Spanish lessons – why online? Because such course would have tutors who would be willing to discuss with you in Spanish boosting your knowledge both with vocabulary and pronunciation of the words/ sentences/ expressions. At the same time you could choose your time and pace so you could cover as much ground as you are comfortable with. Learning at your own pace can help you a lot because it does not stress you out as standard language classes would (since these are time-bound and have your progress compared to other students in the class).

3. Use a personal tutor – though expensive this is a great way to learn Spanish easy. In the same manner as the online courses (which would definitely be less costly) the personal Spanish tutor would be able to converse with you and guide you at your own pace without any external pressure. This would help you understand and grasp the language much faster than you would do in a regular language class. Besides, when you have a tutor, he or she would be able to clear your doubts and correct your language as you converse with him/ her.

4. Read, read and read – the grasp on any language, not only Spanish is directly proportional to the vocabulary you have built in that language. The best way to build a great vocabulary is through reading. Initially you could use the bi-lingual books so you could have the translation ready to guide you. As you progress through the language you would need more advanced – only Spanish – books whereby you could expand our vocabulary. Have a dictionary handy and plough through books of your interest. You will find that in no time you are a master.

Learning Spanish easy is within your grasp. Where there is a will, there is a way!

You can listen to a FREE report (in either English or Spanish) at on how you can easily and quickly learn to speak Spanish. In today's changing world, speaking Spanish is a requirement!

Dean Novosat learned to speak Spanish and Russian in school. He uses audio and video-based systems to stay current and fluent. .


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