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Fastest Way To Learn Spanish

Dean Novosat

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Are you looking for the fastest way to learn Spanish? Well there is not one such way but many. Check the methods described below and find out which one is the best one for you:

1. Speak the language – you would be surprised with this advice, I am sure. However, this is one of the fastest ways to learn Spanish. Find yourself one or more Spanish friends and speak with them. Learn right from the beginning like what do they say to ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ and you will find that in no time you would be able to fluently converse the basics. You could find such Spanish speaking friends on the Internet in chatting rooms, or you could go and live for sometime in a Spanish speaking region/ country. When you use this method, you would need to make your mind to use only Spanish to speak even f your friends know English, you would not use it for conversation. Only then this formula would work.

2. Advanced online courses – there are plenty of advanced crash courses online that teach Spanish within one month – which is quite fast to learn any language. Take a few days off and research carefully among the available online courses. You could also find out from any of your friends for referrals. Online courses are affordable and excellent in teaching the language fast and with exceptional reliability. Another advantage is that you could choose your pace. You could study/ practice the language classes online for an hour a day or five hours a day – depending upon your disposition and time you have available.

3. Surround yourself with Spanish language – find out a Spanish channel on TV, buy music CDs in Spanish, books, audio cassettes, etc. When you surround yourself with Spanish language you have no other go but absorb it. This is one of the fastest ways to learn Spanish. Listen to the news in Spanish, see movies in Spanish, make friends online in Spanish, have a Spanish speaking hour at home, have plenty of books (even comics if that is what you like) in Spanish. In other words build an environment where you would feel as if you are living in a Spanish speaking region. In this manner you would be able to speak like a native in no time.

4. Basic crash course – every language has its levels of learning – easy, medium and advanced. Take up the most basic course and master it. This is not only easy to do, but also very much time saving. Knowing the basics well is the fastest way to converse in any language, Spanish included. The advantage on concentrating on the minimum basics initially is that it is easy and does not consume much of your time. In the meantime, it boosts your confidence when you see how fast you are making progress in mastering the basics of the language.

You could choose any of the above as your best choice – and you could choose a combination. However, the key to learning Spanish the fastest way is in your interest and willingness to do so.

Dean Novosat learned to speak Spanish and Russian in school. He uses audio and video-based systems to stay current and fluent. Read about various language methods on his new website


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