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Why Is Learning Spanish Important?


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Learning Spanish is important for personal development, for cultural understanding and to let you be able to talk with your neighbors.

The languages with the most native-speakers in the Western Hemisphere are Spanish, English, Portuguese and French, in that order!

While it is true that you can go from Key West, Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska (over 4,000 miles) and only need English, you can go from Tijuana, Mexico to Punta Arenas, Chile (over 7,000 miles) and only need Spanish!

Moreover there are 41 million Hispanics in the U. S. , 17 million of whom either do not speak English very well or do not speak English at all!

For personal development, learning Spanish is important because:

1. It exercises your brain, grows new neurons and establishes new connection paths. This helps protect you against Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia. Your brain is like your muscles in that your choices are use it or lose it! 2. Learning Spanish, a language with roots in Latin, which had a heavy influence on the English language, will help you better appreciate and understand English. For cultural understanding, learning Spanish is important for:

1. Understanding better the cultures and political points of view of our many Spanish-speaking neighbors to the south.

2. Understanding better the hispanic heritage of the U. S. , in the years before 1607 and in the southwestern United States and Florida. Learning Spanish is also important for being able to communicate:

1. With our neighbors, both in Latin America and inside the U. S. It's not for just traveling in Latin America anymore, it's needed for talking to our neighbors down the street in most U. S. cities.

2. It's useful for vacations in Latin America and in Europe. You get a lot more out of traveling in a Spanish-speaking country when you can visit and enjoy the areas off the beaten path for tourists. Also, you will save a lot of money by using hotels and restaurants where English is rarely spoken!

3. There is a large Spanish-speaking population in the U. S. , all part of the economy and spending money. This generates a high demand for bilingual personnel to work with them, sell to them and interact with them in various ways, like in taking orders at the drive-through lane at banks, MacDonalds, etc.

All the above reasons combine to make Spanish the second language of choice for English speakers in the Western Hemisphere.

Recent advances in technology and language learning methods now make it easy, fast and economical to learn Spanish. A very good interactive-audio learning program for conversational Spanish can be bought on the Internet 24/7 and be downloaded to your computer immediately. You can start lessons at home in just minutes.

You can offload lessons to your iPod or other portable audio device, or burn the lessons into CD's, take them with you and study your Spanish lessons anytime, anyplace.

Why wait? When a very good language learning program costs under $100, what have you got to lose? Download a learning program and get started!

We are living in a multilingual world! Learning a new language is easy and inexpensive. You don't have to continue being just monolingual any more!

For the best Spanish-learning course available at a great price, visit: Rocket Spanish Download To learn more about available resources to learn Spanish, visit: Learn Conversational Spanish Fast
Jorge Chavez Learned Spanish after he was 30, now is bilingual, with clients, friends and family who only speak English, and others who only speak Spanish.


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