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You Do Know That You Are In Charge Of Your Own Destiny!

Mike Marino, Jr.

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This is the best advice anyone has ever given to me. You do know that you are in charge of your own destiny. I am so grateful for this reminder. Humans are the only part of God’s creation that has the privilege of being in charge. However as humans we sometimes pretend not to know that we are in charge. The game we play is let's pretend and then pretend that we are not pretending. Many times we forget that we are in charge. I am so happy when I am in charge of my destiny.

I get to choose which way to go. All of nature has no choice. They are creatures of destiny. As humans we can be in charge of our own destiny most of the time, if we want to be. A fun thing to reduce stress is to say after each outcome: This could be good! This could be bad! When something happens that you do not want to happen. Say to yourself, “This could be good!” When something happens that you want to happen. Say to yourself, “This could be bad!”

This exercise in thought helps reduce stress. The good things become bad, and the bad things become good. Just try this a few times to see what I am talking about. Another thought exercise to keep you in charge of your own destiny would be to say; “Guess what? Now what?”

As humans we can choose not to be in charge of our own destiny. We can hang in there. We can fake it till we make it. We can wait for our ship to come in. We can say stuff just happens. At any moment we can take control plan our work then work our plan. When thing are going good, think this could be bad. When things are bad, think this could be good.

If you do not stay in charge of your own destiny, others will take charge. Always say yes when you want to say yes. Always say no when you want to say no! There always will be room for compromise. The best way to get rid of stress is to take charge of your own destiny and stay great! Tell three people each day how you really feel. Ask three people each day for what you really want. How may I serve humanity with humility? What can I do?

Mike Marino, Jr. aka “In Person, ” is the co-author of two books and a Distinguished Toastmaster who helps people fall in love with learning. He speaks and writes on the love of Knowledge is the root of all good!. To book Mike for your next association meeting, conference or corporate event, contact Mike Marino, Jr. In person 504 833 4405 or email " Proud member of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau. All presentations are available in PowerPoint or Keynote.


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The Game of Destiny
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