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Read Chinese Online - How To Configure Your Computer To Display Chinese Characters


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To read Chinese Online is becoming easire these days.

If you use the latest Internet Explorer (V4.0 or later) or Netscape Navigator (Version 4 or later), you don't have to install any special program to read Chinese characters because both of these browsers can support Chinese natively. The same is true with other browsers, e. g. Firefox or Mozilla.

If you use previous versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, you should consider upgrading your browser version. You can also download and install Chinese Font or download Microsoft's free language packs and input methods for Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Installing the Chinese language packs will automatically set up Internet Explorer to recognize Chinese.

With Netscape, you need do a little configuration:

From Netscape's main menu, select “Edit" -> “Preferences". In the new window, select “Appearance" and “Fonts". First select “Simplified Chinese" for the encoding, and choose “MS Song" or “MS Hei". Select “MingLiU" for “Traditional Chinese" encoding.

Most of the time, you browser should automatically detect pages with Chinese content and display them properly. But in case your browser does not do that, you need manually adjust the setting to enable your browser to view Chinese characters by changing character encoding.

In Internet Explorer menu, click View to select encoding. If you don't know what the page encoding is, you may have to experiment with the encoding options.

The most common character encodings are GB (for simplified), Big5( for traditional), and UTF-8 (for both - also known as unicode).

On Netscape, you can change from “View" and then “Character Set" on the main menu as stated above.

To check if your computer is configured properly, try to read this page: If you can read the Chinese characters on this page, congratulation!

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