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Methods For Getting Over Stage Fright

Carrie Westengate

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Getting over stage fright, or performance panic, is definitely a real difficulty for many performers as it can be debilitating to put it mildly. You will never work out what sort of artist would suffer the most, but logic may suggest that stand up comedy has its own fair share of those that need to know about overcoming stage fright. Nonetheless, there are some actions which might help.

1. Think about first how the turmoil and stress that you could feel is likely to impact your performance. Remember that some tension is really good for the performance as it will get the adrenalin going and offers you that ‘spark’ for your act.

2. If you feel your level of stage fear is more than it should be, just precisely how practiced are you at this particular act? For stand up comedy you need to be well prepared for whatever is fired at you and to have some excellent comebacks. Remember that good planning will most likely solve the issue. If you still believe you are suffering an excessive amount of, get somebody to share the stage along with you so you have you to definitely ‘bounce’ your banter off.

3. If natural techniques don't help you in getting over stage fright, then you can certainly consider drugs being a last resort. These ought to only be used as a temporary measure before you can learn some form of psychological method of coping.

4. Which psychological method to use will depend on the person when looking towards overcoming stage fright. Such approaches can include relaxation strategies, biofeedback, autogenic training, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis. There are numerous other forms of cognitive behavioural treatment that you may find useful to either study or to employ a professional counselor for.

5. Being active is also very efficient at relaxing the mind and body. An additional benefit of course is that it is also very good for your health!

6. Fundamentally, to get rid of stage fright, whether regarding stand up comedy or for any other act, ought to include preparation and acceptance that some levels of stage fear is inescapable. Remain focused entirely on the enjoyment of the overall performance rather than how the audience may well react. Get your self revved up by providing yourself with a pep talk and using visual imagery of how well your act is going to be received instead of it being negatively received.

Remember that whether you are a stand up comedy artist or perhaps a serious and popular actor (such as Laurence Olivier who had been renowned for nigh on incapacitating stage fear) - finding methods for getting over stage fright is really a prerequisite if you wish to stay in your preferred career.

Apart from getting over stage fright, being a comedian is certainly not easy and carries a sharp learning curve. Allow yourself the advantage to be a comedian within the quickest time possible and read our stand up comedy tips at .


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