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Writing Comedy - Far More Than Just Funny Words

Carrie Westengate

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Should you be a naturally funny person you could believe that writing stand up comedy is simple. Well, it isn’t. Even though you believe it may sound funny when you jot it down, it does not constantly translate well to a live audience.

Writing fantastic stand up comedy material demands quite a bit of trial and error as well as expertise. You should do your research initially and rehearse on live audiences. It’s a bit like learning to swim, you’ll panic a lot to start with, swallow a great deal of unpleasant water just before you start to get used to it.

One technique to check that what’s on paper isn’t constantly going to work would be to transcribe a well recognized stand up comedian’s show. While they got laughs, it does not always sound funny if you read it! In other words, it is not what we say, but how you say it and that is the key to good results.

The written word is merely one dimension with the step by step stand up comedy act. In addition towards the words, you have to differ the tone in your voice as you perform and link that up together with your body language. Quite simply, these three facets have to come together to generate a superb routine. Funny words on paper could be funny in greeting cards, but not on stage without the other factors. Should you leave one piece out it won’t work.

One of the far better approaches to write comedy material would be to think about real life events that you have experienced, been involved in or see as totally weird. Writing about something you already know as a basis will allow you to put your own spin on it more simply.

Now, you can kill a funny story should you get the punch line completely wrong. By itself, the punch line is frequently meaningless and has to be delivered in a certain way, at a specific time. To assist you get this right, watch as many comedians as you can to check out the way they do it; is it an ‘off the cuff’ remark, do they pause etc.

Lastly, you need to uncover your own style which you are comfy with. Do not try and emulate somebody else’s style as it won’t ring true. This may possibly take a little time, but is going to be far better within the long run as you'll create your own following much more simply. Expect to get a few dead pan faces on stage at times; it is all part of the learning curve however unpleasant. In case you don’t have a thick skin, give up now!

The only method to write stand up comedy material that works well is to practice and develop your craft. Just because it looks easy for some, don’t be fooled, they had to do their apprenticeship also. Keep true to yourself and allow your natural humour grow into your signature style.

If you wish to discover more standupcomedytips visit where you will find some excellent step by step comedy ideas and much more on how to write comedy .


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