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If You Want To Be A Comedian, Then Become Organized

Carrie Westengate

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Do you want to be a comedian that always succeeds and has the listeners roaring along with laughter? If you do, you'll need some tools that will help you help make your work perfect. These items are: any miniature voice recorder, some tapes and some batteries. For all those with a smaller budget, all you need is a pen and wallet notebook. And if you've got audio recording software on your mobile phone, you can use that.

Believe it or not, these products will help you to be a comedian that's prepared for results because they enable you to keep information of events and situations in your daily life. Yes, daily life will be the raw material of humor. Your notes can be turned into humorous stories for your performances. These kinds of notes are one of the biggest aids you'll ever have when brainstorming and using your creative skills to come up with more material.

As you embark on your quest to be able to be a comedian, let your pen, notebook computer or recorder be your canvas. Think outside the box and use them to paint your colourful funny jokes and tales. Expect the unexpected, because you never know when the next fantastic big idea is going to strike.

Tools like a voice recorder will make sure you're always ready with new material for your act. If you don't keep your tools with you you're going to miss out on a thought because you weren't able to take some records. One of the keys to opening more doors of opportunity, will be preparation. If you want to be a comedian that truly shines, you'll have to be prepared at all times.

To be able to be a comedian who's successful takes lots and lots of work, that's why comedians perfect their talent day in and day out. You want to be the master, right? Then you've got to be ready for anything, no one else is going to do it for you. If you don't prepare, there is certainly going to be a comedian somewhere else that will - and that comedian will have the advantage over you.

If you're truly ready to make the leap and be a comedian, you need to set yourself up to be the best comic there is, right now. To be a true funny man (or lady), you need to do very specific kinds of preparation. Your “be prepared" kit is a lot of things rolled into one.

- It's keeping tools with you to write down ideas or record notes with.

- It's knowing your stuff inside out.

- It's going over your act and materials over and over again. Basically, it's practice, exercise, practice.

- It's benefiting from every opportunity that you need to be a comedian who can stand up before any crowd, at any time, and have them rolling in the seats.

- It's becoming constantly more accomplished at that which you do, so you can show off your stuff to the world.

All this is important if you wish to be a comedian who achieves astounding success. Success always starts one step at a time, especially in comedy. You win your little fights one joke at a time, and every one of those little battles could eventually add up to win the battle.

In time you will have all the achievement you've always wanted since you first starting longing to be a comedian that may make everyone laugh their socks off.

So if you want to be a comedian, a real true comedian, you'll need to develop the art of being amusing on demand. People are going to show up and talk to you, several may even ask you to be funny or to tell a joke. You have to be prepared for situations like this, simply because to be a comedian is to be a ready comedian. Do you think Robin Williams just ad libs when he provides a funny interview? No, his spontaneous funniness is actually the results of constant preparation.

If you don't have any kind of material when someone comes up and asks you to tell a joke, people are going to be disappointed. Individuals are going to demand more from you as time passes and you're more successful. The more popular you become, the more frequently people will beg you to make them chuckle. Sure, you may possibly not have readied some special little joke for everybody, but you will for some and that is what counts.

In the end, you should be a comedian that can tell a joke or make someone laugh at almost any hour day or night. Therefore, do what you need to do to be equipped for whatever pops-up, including the good, the bad and the unexpected. Be a comedian that is prepared and you'll be ready to change any situation into a chance to make people forget their problems and enjoy a great laugh.

Being a comedian is certainly not easy and has a sharp learning curve. Give yourself the edge to be a comedian in the fastest time possible and read out stand up comedy tips at .


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