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Ego Play In Humor

Chinmay Chakravarty

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Humorous exchanges are meant to lift your spirits, cheer you up. The fact that cross egos act as a strong undercurrent for such exchanges make these even more interesting.

Based on everyday observations we intend to present before you a few instances of such ego plays.

Ego Play One: Status Active. You rightfully boast of a tremendous sense of humor in you. This applies both for the narrators and the receivers. Your apt selection of one liners or jokes highlight this sense. Similarly, the receivers display this sense in how they go about imbibing it. You can boast of this even if you lack it utterly. So Ego Play One gets activated.

Ego Play Two: Status Active. This is about the level of intelligence in you. While narrating the sparkle in your eyes demonstrate the kind of exceptional intelligence you possess to vividly bring out the intricacies involved. You seem to say, ‘Hey guys! You must have that much intelligence to understand my humor. ’ Same way, the receivers too display that sparkle in their eyes. ‘Yes! Don’t you see I am intelligent enough to get through your subtlety. ’ Similarly, you can very well pretend to have such kind of intelligence even if you lack it utterly. So Ego Play Two gets activated.

Ego Play Three: Status Active. You can rightfully boast of how efficient communicator you are while narrating with an expressionless face. You seem to say, ‘You see! Anybody else telling this same thing may not even bend you jaw line. I tell it and you are in uncontrollable guffaws of laughter! And look at me! I remain absolutely wooden!’ Now the receivers’ ego can either support this out or bring it down totally. The receiver can say vocally, ‘Tell me buddy, when is the time to laugh out. ’ Or ‘Hey! What happened next?’ Lots of genuineness and pretensions involved here. So Ego Play Three is the trickiest one.

We need to stop here. As per the latest rules a cricket one day international can have only three power plays—one mandatory, one the fielding side can decide and one the batting side. Such power plays enliven the game up.

Next time you narrate or laugh out keep this in mind. More enjoyment guaranteed.


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